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Sarah Goetze

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Sarah Goetze

Carmel, NY

Academic School

Social and Behavioral Sciences


New York

For Sarah Goetze ’20, the decision to come to Marist was an easy one. “Marist was the only graduate school that I applied to because I knew it was where I would be the happiest.” Although she noted that the beautiful campus was a factor, her main reason for choosing Marist was “the small cohort sizes, the blend of professors who are actually in the field, and the program’s National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) certification.” This certification requires students to spend a set amount of time in the field gaining professional experience.

During her time so far in the program, Goetze says she has “gained so many important bonds and relationships within the program, and I have been able to turn my learning into real-world experiences.”

Besides her work in the classroom and the community, Goetze has also been named President of the Marist Student Association of School Psychologists (MSASP). “I wanted to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone while at Marist,” said Goetze. “As president, I have refined my leadership and organizational skills and worked hard to recruit more students to become involved with MSASP.” Faculty in the School Psychology program are very receptive to students and are there to help every step of the way. “Dr. Grella and Dr. O’Donnell have both positively impacted my time at Marist. It is definitely important to use all of the resources that your professors and the College provide to you,” she explained. “Having small cohort sizes allows you to be able to have access to the faculty in the program, be able to ask specific questions, and get a full understanding of the concepts being taught.”