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Sristi Shrestha

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Sristi Shrestha

Peekskill, NY

Academic School

Computer Science and Math


New York

After completing her MBA in the UK, Sristi Shrestha still felt she wanted more out of her career. When she arrived in the US in 2014, she started looking into Marist (her husband’s alma mater) and ultimately, headed in a different academic direction. “I wanted to give myself that extra push of going through yet another academic challenge to achieve my dream of having a successful career in information technology,” said Shrestha. “So I decided to apply for the ISM concentration of the MSIS graduate program at Marist.”

During her two years at the College, Shrestha felt that the “diverse and inclusive culture made students feel at home.” She’s also thankful for the real-life experience she was able to gain during the program. “Marist provides opportunities to students to work part-time jobs on campus,” she said. “I was able to get a job in Academic Technology (now Web Services). My experience as Quality Assurance-Team Lead confirmed how much I loved information technology.” During her second year at Marist, Dr. Carolyn Matheus offered Shrestha the opportunity to work as her teaching assistant for “Analytics Bootcamp,” a course for the MBA program.

Shrestha credits her success in the healthcare field to the MSIS program. “My Marist educational experience helped me progress into my career as a  Health Data Analyst because the courses taught in the graduate program gave me a very strong foundation in IT. The education I received at Marist improved my technical skills and further refined my soft skills, which I find are essential to success.”