Image of Thomas Sylcox

Thomas Sylcox

Image of Thomas Sylcox

Thomas Sylcox

Newburgh, NY

Academic School



New York

Q: What was your transfer application/admission experience like?
A: The transfer process was very smooth, especially through COVID-19. It makes it even easier that you are able to call about any of your questions and someone is always there to answer your question.

Q: Why did you transfer to Marist?
A: I love the campus and Marist had my program, and during COVID-19 Marist was a better option than the city school that I also had on my list.

Q: What is your favorite Marist memory so far?
A: Getting to know my suitemates and neighbors on the first day was a really fun experience, and it just made me feel comfortable – I knew I was going to fit in here.

Q: Are you happy with your decision to transfer to Marist?
A: Absolutely, I love it here. The teachers and the people are great.

Q: As a Biomedical Sciences major, how do you feel that Marist is preparing you for your future career?
A: I think Marist has been great at preparing me for my future career! Obviously, it is a program with a lot of lab sciences and Marist’s labs are beautiful!

Q: How has your experience been with faculty on campus?
A: The staff is super inviting and helpful! If you have any questions or concerns you can ask anyone and they will either help you or find someone that can!

Q: Are you taking the Transfer Seminar Course and if so, what do you like most about it?
A: I am taking the Transfer Seminar Course. I like how it automatically establishes you into a community and gives you a sense of comfort.

Q: Can you talk about your experience living on campus?
A: Living on campus has been pretty nice! I live in Midrise and it is very spacious! I have a really nice view of the river which is awesome, and I also really like how accessible everything is living on campus.

Q: What is your favorite spot on campus and why?
A: My favorite spot on campus is the courtyard behind the Hancock Center. It is peaceful, overlooks the river, and is really close to where the coffee is!

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give a prospective transfer student?
A: A good piece of advice for a prospective transfer is please don’t worry about a thing. You will be adapted very well and you can always talk to someone if you’re worried about anything, so there is no reason to stress.