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Sprout Creek Farm Statement


Statement from the Office of Media Relations at Marist College - February 25, 2020

In 2018, Sprout Creek Farm, a separate nonprofit entity, was struggling to sustain operations and remain viable. Individuals associated with the Farm and the Society of the Sacred Heart (a Catholic order of nuns instrumental in establishing the Farm) contacted Marist College for assistance and, shortly thereafter, control of the operations of the Farm was transferred to Marist. The College’s involvement gave the Farm a lifeline to continue operating. During the past two years the College has, in good faith, undertaken significant initiatives to facilitate the long-term viability of the Farm, a local organization with an important mission. Marist has continued to subsidize the operations of the Farm and has made a substantial financial investment into the infrastructure to remediate and improve it.

After Marist assumed control of the Farm, we learned of some issues facing it that had not been disclosed to the College prior to the transfer of control. These facts, coupled with the unanticipated expenditure of continued time and resources, have necessitated a reassessment of the arrangement. At this time, the College is working to determine the best path forward with all of the involved stakeholders, including the Farm and the Society of the Sacred Heart.

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