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Mandatory Surveillance Testing for Students


March 5, 2021

Dear Students—

First, thank you all for a successful start to Spring 2021 semester.  We know it has not been easy, but worth the challenge.  Below are important updates and FAQ’s about our Surveillance Testing program for you as we enter into next week. View FAQs on the web here.

The Schedule for Surveillance Testing

Between March 1st and 7th all members of the Marist community were scheduled to complete arrival testing. Effective March 8th,  the College will transition to its mandatory surveillance testing program. It is important to note that some individuals who were arrival tested between March 1st and March 7th will be called again during the week of March 8th- March 14th for surveillance testing.  If you are called again next week, understand this is a one-time occurrence based on the institutional modeling for the total population.   While testing during your scheduled appointment it is significantly easier for the testing team the College recognizes that this is not always possible.  If you have a conflict on the date you are called for testing you are permitted to attend testing any day within the 14 day period that you are called. You do not need to contact the surveillance testing team to make this change. To assist you with planning for the semester, below please find a calendar of the 14 day period for testing for the remainder of the semester:

14 day testing cycle:

March 8- March 21
March 22 – April 4
April 5- April 18
April 19- May 2
May 3- May 16
May 17- May 27

Surveillance Testing FAQ’s


I’ve been called to test on a day that I don’t work or I have a conflict?
A: If you are unable to participate in testing on the day (or time) you have been scheduled, you have the flexibility to test within the allotted testing window. 

There is no need to reschedule or contact anyone if you participate in testing within the testing window. 


Do I have to participate in testing if I have already been vaccinated?
A: Yes.  Having been vaccinated does not entirely preclude you from contracting the virus or being a carrier to others. According to the CDC, “although COVID-19 vaccines are effective at keeping you from getting sick, scientists are still learning how well vaccines prevent you from spreading the virus that causes COVID-19 to others, even if you do not get sick.”

Should I participate in surveillance testing if I have tested positive?
A: If you have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days, then you are exempt from participating in surveillance testing.  Marist Health Services must be notified of the date of your positive test result in order for you to stop receiving the notification emails and be exempt from participating.  Supporting medical documentation may be requested.  You will automatically begin to receive the notification emails from the surveillance team when you are once again eligible to test.  

With many thanks for your continued commitment to keep Marist safe and successful,

Geoff Brackett, Executive Vice President
Thom Wermuth, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Deb DiCaprio, Vice President for Student Affairs

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