Campus Communications

Welcome to the Red Fox Family to Students and Parents


May 15, 2021

Dear Parents,

I wanted to share with you a note I sent to your child earlier today.

Your child is joining a community - we like to call it the Marist family - who cares for and takes care of each other. As parents, you are also part of our community.

We will offer both virtual and in-person opportunities specifically designed to help you prepare your child, and yourselves, for this fall.

The Marist Class of 2025 is extraordinary. Thank you for including your child in this fabulous group.

We are here to help, don't hesitate to reach out, and welcome to the family!

Kent Rinehart


Welcome to the Marist Class of 2025! I am thrilled you will be joining our community.

I’m fortunate to have a career I love, filled with meaning and purpose, coupled with the gratification of helping students achieve their goals. Above all else, my favorite two experiences include hearing from students when they choose to attend Marist, and welcoming them to their new home on move-in day. I can’t wait to be among the first to welcome you to your home away from home!

The Marist Class of 2025 is a smart, kind, interesting, creative, empathetic, and thoughtful group that you should be very proud to be a part of. This is the beginning of an incredible journey made of up new experiences and friendships that you’ll cherish beyond your years at Marist.

We have upcoming opportunities for you and your family to learn more about preparing for your Marist experience, as well as to meet other members of the Class of 2025. We are hard at work to help you prepare for an amazing start to your college career.

Thank you for allowing the admission team to get to know you through our interactions and your application. You will continue to hear from Robin Torres, our Assistant Dean of Student Engagement & Leadership, with additional details on all of the exciting events we have planned.

I’m confident that you and Marist are a wonderful match. I look forward to welcoming you to campus this fall, and please do not hesitate to call our office if you need any assistance this summer. Again, welcome to the Red Fox Family!


Asset Publisher