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Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Welcome back after the short Fall Break. Like many of you, I used this time to continue to reflect upon the horrific terrorist attack on Israeli residents by Hamas 16 days ago and the suffering of innocent Israelis and Palestinians as hostilities continue in the region. I am also alarmed and disgusted by incidents of hatred and violence here in the United States, reflecting as they do the evils of antisemitism and Islamophobia.  

Like you, I am concerned about the potential for further escalation in the coming weeks and months in the Middle East and beyond, and what that could mean for the Marist community. First and foremost, we are here to support each other as we navigate through these extremely challenging times. Today, I write to you to share some information about how Marist is working to keep its community safe and to remind everyone of our obligations to each other.

Our shared commitment to community standards

As members of the Marist community, we have an obligation to uphold the values that have defined the College since its founding: excellence in education, a sense of community, and a commitment to service. In addition, our mission statement espouses the importance of living “enlightened, ethical, and productive lives” in an increasingly global community. Moments like this will test us, but given Marist’s nearly century-old commitment to these values, I am confident we are up to this test.

As an institution of higher learning, we will always hold free speech, inquiry, and debate in the highest regard, and as the best path to knowledge and understanding, even if the process is sometimes messy and uncomfortable. Often, such challenges offer the strongest opportunities for learning. Yet, let me be clear: prejudice and bias – including antisemitism and Islamophobia – have NO PLACE at Marist College and will not be tolerated. 

I do not expect everyone in our community to agree on everything. But I do expect every member of our community to show care, empathy, and respect in all interactions with others. This includes responsible forms of communication, including the use of social media, that are rooted in facts and demonstrating mutual respect. 

Enhancements to community safety and security 

Here in Poughkeepsie, Campus Safety & Security has increased its already high degree of vigilance and presence on campus, especially at College events. They are in close contact with local and regional law enforcement and are ready to respond if there are any threats to campus safety. 

We have shared important information with students studying abroad and their families about how best to stay safe. We are closely monitoring developments internationally and are in touch with our students around the globe with further guidance as it is offered by the U.S. State Department and our educational partners abroad.

College resources are available to support you 

Your mental health is of utmost importance and a concern to all of us here at Marist. Below is a list of resources I’d encourage you to review. Do not hesitate to avail yourself of these services, and to reach out to others on campus for support. Better yet, be there for others, even those who see the world differently than you.

Over these difficult two weeks, I’ve spoken to many members of the Marist community. I know that many of you are hurting deeply and still processing a wide range of thoughts and emotions. In the trying times that lie ahead, I know that we will collectively and individually rise to the occasion as we each remain deeply committed to each other and to the community.


Kevin Weinman
Marist College

Resources for our Marist community

Student Counseling Services: available to any student seeking support, a compassionate listener, or related services, which are available both in-person and online:, (845) 575-3314, or Mid-Rise room #113.

Office of Safety & Security: operating 24/7, our security officers help ensure all students feel safe and secure on campus and can be reached at (845) 575-3282,, or you can visit their office in Donnelly Hall.

Office of Spiritual Life and Service: a resource for any member of our community of any faith and can be reached at (845) 575-3000, ext. 2275, or by visiting the Byrne House on campus.

Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: available to meet with students, faculty, and staff who may want to discuss their concerns about the local or global climate; they are located in Lowell Thomas Office #107.

Student Conduct: our Student Conduct and Title IX teams work in collaboration to maintain a positive learning and living environment and prevent, assess, and remediate bias, discrimination, and harassment in all forms. If you have a concern or incident to report, call (845) 575-3514, email, or visit Student Conduct in Rotunda Room #389 or Title IX in Student Center Room #1203.

Employee Assistance Program: a benefit managed through Aetna and available to all faculty and staff enrolled in the College’s medical benefits: (888) 238-6232.

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Alongside many in our community, I am still grappling with the violence in Israel and Gaza and the tragedies unfolding in that region, including the heartbreaking loss of life. Hatred and acts of hostility or prejudice have no place in a world that should be united in its hope for peace and healing.

Marist is a global community that includes family, friends, alumni, faculty, and staff of many faiths around the world – their safety and security are top of mind for us. Since news broke, we have been reaching out to Marist community members, including a number of alumni, who live in the area to confirm their well-being and to provide access to support for them and their families.

We know these events are troubling for many across our community. College resources are available to support our students and any member of our Marist community who may be impacted. 

  • Student Counseling Services are available to any student seeking support, a compassionate listener, or related services, which are available both in-person and online:, (845) 575-3314, or Mid-Rise room #113.
  • Our Office of Spiritual Life and Service is also a resource for any member of our community of any faith and can be reached at (845) 575-3000, ext. 2275, or visit the Byrne House on campus.
  • The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is available to meet with students, faculty, and staff who may want to discuss their concerns about the local or global climate; they are located in Lowell Thomas Office #107, (845) 575-3340.
  • The College’s Employee Assistance Program is managed through Aetna and is available to all faculty and staff enrolled in the College’s medical benefits: (888) 238-6232.

These events remind us of the need to remain steadfast in our work to build inclusive and welcoming communities in an increasingly complex and divided world.

Please continue to keep all those in our Red Fox family, as well as those worldwide, who are affected by this tragedy in your thoughts. 



Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

Today marks a significant milestone in Marist College’s history as we unveil Marist 100 — an ambitious strategic plan built upon our unique strengths and designed to carry the College through and beyond its upcoming centennial in 2029.

Our plan is guided by a bold vision: “Marist will improve the world through education.”

Image of Marist 100 video screenshot

At a time when higher education faces numerous challenges around enrollment, access, affordability, and skepticism about the value of a college degree, we are in the enviable position of launching Marist 100 as an institution with incredible strength – academically and operationally. This gives us a great deal of momentum as we pursue the plan’s strategic priorities framed around three core pillars:

  • Academic Vibrancy
  • Student Centrality
  • Expansive Community

The Marist 100 World Tour
One of the primary goals of Marist 100 is to bring Marist to the world and the world to Marist. Within the first 100 days of the plan’s launch, we’ll visit four countries, seven cities, and hold numerous virtual events to tell the Marist story far and wide and to invite the Red Fox community around the globe to participate in the successful roll out of this ambitious plan.

Digital Toolkit
I encourage you to check out our Marist 100 web site, where you can find information about the plan in one place, track its progress, and share our inspiring vision with others. There, you can:

  • Download a digital copy of the plan
  • Follow updates and recaps from our World Tour events
  • Connect with the Marist 100 Facebook Community to share your thoughts and ideas and see what others are saying about Marist 100

Thank you!
I want to express my deep appreciation to the hundreds of people who contributed to Marist 100. This is truly OUR plan. The energy across campus and eagerness for a new and bold vision for Marist’s future is palpable. The era of Marist 100 begins today! I hope you are as excited as I am, and that you are eager to play a key role in propelling Marist forward.


Dear Marist students,
Here we are – the start of a new academic year. While fall is perhaps the most scenic season on campus, it’s really the return of students that brings Marist to life. Good luck with your first week of classes. Now … on to the exciting semester that lies ahead!



August 18, 2023

Dear faculty, staff, and students,

Since writing to you last week, our primary focus has remained on connecting with members of the Marist community who live on Maui and supporting any needs they may have. We know that recovery efforts are still underway, and while the full magnitude of human and physical loss is unknown, this is already confirmed to be the deadliest fire in the U.S. in more than a century. 

Many of you have expressed a desire to support those impacted by this tragedy, especially given Marist’s deep and long-standing relationship – one that now dates over a quarter-century – with Hawaiians and their communities. 

Below are a few nonprofit organizations to consider if you’re interested in providing support. This list is based upon feedback we have received from a few of our students living on the Hawaiian Islands, as well as official resources published through local news and government organizations:

- Maui Strong Fund, operated by the Hawaii Community Foundation, has been set up to direct 100% of funds to communities impacted by the wildfires.
- Maui Food Bank is accepting monetary donations, as well as certain foods, toiletries, and household items.
- Maui United Way promises to provide immediate financial assistance through grants to nonprofits at the forefront of relief efforts and to households that have been affected.

It’s been heartening to see the outpouring of support from our Marist family and a reminder of the caring, special community we all belong to. Thank you.


August 11, 2023

Dear Marist community,

Over the past 24 hours, many of us have watched the stunning escalation and spread of wildfires in Hawaii, particularly the shocking and chilling scenes of destruction emerging from the town of Lahaina on the Island of Maui. While it will be some time before we understand the full scope of this tragedy, we know already that there has been a devastating impact on this community, including (first and foremost) the loss of many lives, but also livelihoods, property, historical landscapes, and cultural heritage sites.

In times such as these, the Marist community always comes together in support of each other. Hawaii may be geographically distant from our Poughkeepsie campus, but the College has a deep, longstanding connection to the Hawaiian Islands that goes back over 25 years.

Approximately 140 alumni and 30 current students call the islands home, and our immediate priority is making contact with those families to check in on their safety and well-being. While it appears many do not live within the area of Maui most heavily damaged, we hope our outreach efforts will be able to confirm the safety of all members of our community. Still, it’s likely that many will have friends or family on Maui who were directly affected by this tragedy, and we are working to understand how we can provide both immediate and longer-term resources and supports to those who have been impacted.

Many other members of our campus community also have close ties to Hawaii. Our teacher education program has partnered with the Hawaii State Department of Education for nearly three decades and we send more than 20 students every spring semester to participate in an attachment course that immerses them in classrooms in Oahu. Also, our student-athletes, including in softball and water polo, have all recently competed in Hawaii.

I ask that you please keep our Marist families, and all community members dealing with this tragedy, in your thoughts. We will follow up once we have more information about the impact on our Marist families, as well as our partners throughout the Hawaii educational system, and ways our Marist community may be able to offer support.


Dear Marist Community, 

Ensuring everyone has access to higher education and diverse learning environments is a longstanding and deeply held value at Marist College. It is also critical for society as a whole. Given this, I am deeply disappointed in today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision that prohibits the use of race as one factor in a holistic college admissions process. 

In keeping with its founding mission and values, Marist has long sought to admit talented students utilizing an admissions process that considers a wide range of factors, with academic achievement, potential and special talents among them.

In addition, Marist has always and enthusiastically sought diversity in all its forms – race and ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, socioeconomic status, political persuasion, and geography, among many others. We best achieve our mission by opening our doors to all who can take full advantage of the rigorous and high-touch form of education that we offer. 

Let me be clear: every student Marist ever admitted has earned their right to study here. In fact, as our student body has become more diverse in every way measurable, we’ve seen student quality increase across all dimensions. These are mutually reinforcing, not mutually exclusive, concepts that have long been reflected in Marist’s mission to help students develop the intellect, character, and skills required for enlightened, ethical, and productive lives. 

In addition, as the College has become more diverse, opportunities for learning have become richer for all. In an increasingly interconnected world, the ability to work across differences and with others who hold different views and perspectives has never been more important. 

In the coming months, we will have more to say about our strategic vision for the future. To preview, Marist aims for nothing less than improving the world through education, and to do so by bringing Marist to the world, and the world to Marist. Upon initial review, today’s ruling makes it more difficult for us to do so. 

We will continue to digest the scope and implications of this decision. For now, one thing holds true: we will not retreat from our mission of making a Marist education accessible to anyone who can succeed here, and we will continue to pursue these goals to the greatest degree within the confines of the law and judicial precedent.


Dear faculty and staff,
Over a six-day period, Marist held four Commencement celebrations on two continents. I want to thank the many individuals who did so much to make these events so successful. You helped showcase the best of Marist and created memorable moments for thousands of students and family members. I spoke to hundreds of them, and they were effusive in their praise for Marist College in general and their commencement experience in particular. Thank you!  
Like every day, each of you goes above and beyond to create a learning environment and enjoyable co-curricular experience for our students. Never is your hard work and dedication on display more than commencement days.  Hundreds of you volunteered, supported one of the many events through your campus jobs, or contributed in other ways large and small. In Poughkeepsie, not only did we celebrate almost 1,800 graduates as they processed across the stage on Friday and Saturday, you planned and executed a surprise ceremony for our graduating softball players who missed commencement as a result of their qualification for the NCAA tournament in Florida. In addition, we honored 12 graduates at our Florence branch campus at a beautiful ceremony set in a historic palazzo. Your willingness to pour all of your energies into addressing every last detail was recognized and appreciated by all our students and their families, regardless of the ceremony they attended.
The cumulative effect of your collective efforts was a moment of pride for our institution and a much-deserved send-off for our graduates. These students attended college during a difficult time; many of them had parts of two years disrupted or impacted in some ways by the pandemic. As a result, it felt to me that this celebration was even more special to them. If the number of Instagram posts and selfies are any indication, our graduates had the time of their life! They now join our global alumni network of 50,000+ strong, satisfied and feeling great about their Marist experience. Marist is a very special community because of its people, and I’m extremely proud of what we were able to accomplish together.
A special thank you to the Commencement Committee and our co-chairs, Kate Donham, Diane Hart, and Shelley Joyce. Planning began months ago for this signature annual event that requires contributions and participation from everyone across the College. Their leadership and skill executed the plan beautifully. 
Thank you again to you all for your hard work and dedication to our students.  I hope you have an enjoyable summer and take a well-deserved break!


Dear members of the Marist College community,
We’re pleased to share with you this summary of the May 5-6 Board of Trustees spring meeting.
Following a series of Friday standing committee meetings, the Board continued its annual tradition of hosting a conversation between members of the Board’s Academic Affairs Committee and members of the faculty’s Academic Affairs Committee and Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC). Discussion topics included faculty retention and recruitment, as well as the balance between full- and part-time faculty. The discussion was lively and productive, and we thank members of faculty leadership for their candor, collegiality, and commitment to shared governance. Special thanks to FAC Chair Nicholas Marshall for his service as the 2022-2023 Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees, a role he will continue next year.
Members of the Board continued their discussions with faculty over dinner and we were also pleased to re-present the Board of Trustees Faculty Award for Distinguished Teaching to the past three years’ recipients, as this was the first year we’ve resumed in-person Board dinners since 2019, due to COVID. Our congratulations again to Addrain Conyers (2020), Elisa Woolridge (2021), and Matt Glomski (2022) on being recognized by your peers for your outstanding teaching and many other contributions to the Marist community through your scholarship, service, and engagement in the life of the College.
Following dinner, many Trustees attended the Silver Needle Runway at the McCann Arena. On behalf of the full Board, we offer our congratulations to the 35 talented senior Fashion Design students who displayed their work, the nine student directors who ran the show, and all the students, faculty, and staff who lent their time and talents to the event’s success.
Saturday’s full Board meeting began with several welcomes and farewells, including a breakfast celebration in honor of Jim Cannavino, who stepped down from the Board after 38 years of service. Trustees also expressed their sincere appreciation to Alumni Executive Board Chair Eileen Gilfedder Altobelli ’82, who will conclude her term as an ex officio Trustee in June. The Board acknowledged Student Government Association (SGA) President Gabriel Borbon ’23 for his excellent service as the 2022-2023 Student Representative to the Board of Trustees and welcomed incoming SGA President Amanda DeFalco ’24, who will participate in next year’s meetings. We also offered a warm welcome to Provost and Dean of Faculty Katie Gunther Kodat and recognized several upcoming retirements within the academic administration.
Strategic planning update
We’re pleased to report that the Board has unanimously adopted Marist 100, an ambitious strategic plan that will guide the work of the College for the next seven years (2023-2030), carrying us up to and beyond the College’s centennial in 2029. Final revisions and enhancements will occur over the summer, along with planning for a major rollout timed to coincide with the start of the 2023-2024 academic year. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, let us express our sincere appreciation to the entire campus community for your yearlong engagement with this work, with particular thanks due to members of the Strategic Plan Steering Committee and various working groups, for their special contributions to the planning process.
Academic updates
We’re pleased to report that the Board reviewed and unanimously approved 11 faculty tenure and/or promotion cases. Please join us in thanking the many faculty members who played a part in the tenure and promotion review process (particularly those who served on peer-review committees or the Rank and Tenure Committee), and in congratulating the following faculty members on their accomplishments:
  • Juan Arias – promotion to Senior Professional Lecturer of Computing Technology
  • Dan Amernick – promotion to Senior Professional Lecturer of Media Arts
  • Anne Bertrand-Dewsnap – promotion to Senior Lecturer of Art
  • Rebecca Brown – promotion to Senior Professional Lecturer of Fashion Merchandising
  • Alexander Henderson – tenure at the rank of Associate Professor of Public Administration
  • Qihao Ji – tenure and promotion to Associate Professor of Communication
  • Byunghoon Jin – tenure and promotion to Associate Professor of Accounting
  • Zion Klos – tenure and promotion to Associate Professor of Environmental Science
  • Thomas Madden – tenure and promotion to Associate Professor of Business Law
  • Elizabeth Reid – tenure and promotion to Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Leander Shaerlaeckens – promotion to Senior Professional Lecturer of Sports Communication
Acting upon the recommendation of its Academic Affairs Committee, the full Board unanimously approved the proposal for a new B.A. in Environmental Studies, which was also approved by the full faculty acting in plenary session. It also unanimously approved a proposal from the School of Management to create a standalone Department of Accounting. Congratulations to all those who contributed to the development and success of these proposals.
Highlights from other standing committee reports
The Board received a report on fall 2023 admissions activities, including the number of applications, acceptances, and deposits received for the Class of 2027. The Admissions & Enrollment Committee reported that, despite the many challenges present in the higher education market, the College again expects to meet its budgeted goal for new student enrollment, with an exceedingly strong overall profile of the incoming class, including markers of academic quality and diversity. 
In light of the challenging market conditions, the administration was pleased to present a balanced operating budget for fiscal year 2024, which was unanimously endorsed by the Finance Committee and subsequently approved by the full Board. Members of the administration are in the process of making final allocations and will communicate additional information about next year’s budget to the campus community in the coming weeks.
The Buildings and Grounds Committee reported that the Dyson Center project remains on time and on budget, with structural steel work substantially finished. Concrete slab work is currently underway and expected to be complete within a few weeks. Architectural precast panel installation will begin in June with roofing work to follow in July. The anticipated completion of this transformative project remains late spring 2024.
The College Advancement Committee reported on year-to-date fundraising efforts, a number of new gifts and pledges, as well as continued planning for the College’s next comprehensive campaign, which will be informed, and tightly connected to, the compelling ideas and needs surfaced during the strategic planning process. 
The DEI Committee reported on a DEI communications plan currently being developed by the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, as well as plans for additional learning and development to be undertaken by both the President’s Cabinet and Trustees.
President’s Report
Finally, the Board received a President’s Report from Kevin Weinman, in which he expressed his enthusiasm for the strategic plan, noting that it would position Marist to compete and succeed in its existing markets and expand into new ones. He relayed his sincere thanks to members of the Board of Trustees and all those who worked to shape the plan, particularly James Snyder and Emily Saland, who co-chaired the Steering Committee, and Katie Kodat, who dedicated time to the process prior to her formal arrival. He also updated the Board on recent travel to raise Marist’s profile, connect with alumni and parents, and participate with other colleges and universities in important collaborations such as the American Talent Initiative.
The Board is planning to reconvene on the Marist campus in September for a retreat and then again in November for its annual meeting. We will look forward to updating members of the campus community on the major outcomes of that meeting. Our thanks again to those who contributed to the success of last weekend’s meetings and events. Best wishes to all for a successful conclusion of the spring 2023 semester – we look forward to seeing many of you at next weekend’s Commencement exercises.
Ross A. Mauri ’80 
Chair of the Board of Trustees 
Kevin C. Weinman 

Dear members of the Marist community,

I’m pleased to share with you my campus update for the fall semester.  I hope you enjoy reading through it.  It’s an exciting time at Marist, and I look forward to seeing many students, faculty, and staff at the inauguration on Friday!


Fall 2022 Campus Update





It is with a heavy heart that we share news of the passing of Brother Seán Sammon, FMS ’70, a member of Marist’s Board of Trustees and Scholar in Residence at Marist since 2010.  A former Superior General of the Marist Brothers worldwide, Brother Seán was an extraordinary leader and an even better human being, universally loved and admired by all who knew him.  He was known to Marist students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends alike as a caring, thoughtful, and insightful individual with a remarkable ability to listen and engage in respectful dialogue.  He will be dearly missed.

A resident of the Marist campus for the past 12 years, Brother Seán had a unique ability to connect with others, and he was a tremendously positive influence on campus life.  A frequent presence at events, he was an outstanding mentor to countless Marist students.  Drawing on his academic background and professional experience, he frequently lectured on leadership and interpersonal relations to campus groups such as the Emerging Leaders Program.  Brother Seán was also a great cook, and he was famous for hosting dinners for students and alumni alike.  In 2017, he played an instrumental role in bringing the Marist Novitiate to Kirk House.  As Novice Director, he helped prepare young men for the life of a Marist Brother in the 21st century.

On our Board of Trustees, Brother Seán chaired the Academic Affairs Committee for the past nine years, doing a wonderful job leading that committee’s work overseeing all aspects of academic life at Marist.  In this role, he was deeply committed to promoting academic excellence, as well as mutual respect and constructive dialogue between the Board of Trustees and the faculty.  Brother Seán cared greatly about the student experience as well, serving on the Board’s Student Life and Diversity & Inclusion Committees.  During Board meetings, he could always be counted upon for insightful contributions, reasoned analysis, and unfailing collegiality.

Brother Seán was born to immigrant parents in Manhattan in 1947.  He studied psychology here at Marist, graduating in 1970, and was drawn to religious life through his contact with the Marist Brothers, admiring their way of life and sense of community.  Brother Seán went on to earn a master’s in psychology from the New School for Social Research and a doctorate in clinical psychology from Fordham University.  He worked as a licensed psychologist in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts before assuming a series of leadership roles in the Marist Brothers.  While serving as Provincial of the Poughkeepsie Province, he was elected as Assistant Superior General and then Superior General, based in Rome.  

From 2001-2009, Brother Seán served as Superior General of the Marist Brothers, overseeing the work of more than 4,000 Brothers in 79 countries.  He established a relationship between the Brothers and the United Nations Human Rights Council, and was the only Brother to serve on the Vatican’s Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, which advises the Pope and makes policy decisions for religious orders worldwide.  He was also president of the Conference of Major Superiors of Men, a group representing the leadership of Catholic religious congregations within the United States. 

A prolific writer and scholar, Brother Seán was the author of nearly a dozen books, including A Heart That Knew No Bounds: The Life and Mission of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, Alcoholism’s Children: ACoAs in Priesthood and Religious Life, and An Undivided Heart: Making Sense of Celibate Chastity.  His 2016 book Life After Youth: The Story of One Man’s Journey Through the Transition at Midlife garnered an award from the Catholic Press Association.  In 2020, he received the National Religious Vocation Conference’s Outstanding Recognition Award for his lifetime body of work and vision for religious life.  He had previously received the St. Edmund’s Medal of Honor from the Edmundite Fathers and Brothers for his contributions to the Catholic Church.

We will share information on Brother Seán’s funeral arrangements once they are finalized.  In the meantime, please join us in remembering and appreciating an exceptional person who touched and inspired so many.  Marist College will forever be proud of our association with Brother Seán Sammon. 

Dear Marist faculty and staff:

I write to you today with exciting news about our Communications and Marketing team.  I have asked Daryl Richard, Marist Class of ’97, to serve as our inaugural Vice President of Communications and Marketing, and I am thrilled that he has agreed to do so.  Daryl is currently Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Quinnipiac University and will be winding down his commitments at QU over the coming weeks and will join us at Marist on October 24.  

Daryl is an extremely accomplished communications professional and leader with a successful career that spans both higher education and the private sector.  At Marist, he graduated magna cum laude, majoring in journalism and minoring in political science.  He served as Editor-in-Chief of The Circle, worked for the Marist Poll, and hosted a show on our campus television station, MCTV.  He began his career in journalism, working as a reporter for the Hartford Courant and Time magazine.  He spent over a decade in various communications and public affairs roles at the vice president level at UnitedHealth Group and The Travelers before transitioning into higher education and stepping into his current position at Quinnipiac.  There, Daryl reports to President Judy Olian and serves on her nine-person executive leadership team.  He helped launch Quinnipiac’s first-ever brand campaign, as well as a digital news platform that keeps QU’s 84,000-member community informed about key happenings at the university.  

Daryl’s hire also heralds an evolution in our communications and marketing strategy at Marist.  Daryl will report directly to me, and join both the Cabinet and the President’s Advisory Council (PAC), a subset of the Cabinet who have divisional leadership responsibilities.  He and the small but very talented communications and marketing team will continue to provide a full range of support and services across the entire institution – including the work of enrollment marketing – but will do so from a centralized place on the org chart.  This new approach would not be possible without the long-term vision Sean Kaylor set in place for how to evolve and grow communications and marketing at Marist.  I thank Sean for his efforts to unify, develop, and modernize the function and for the great work that he and this team have done over many years.  

I am excited about Daryl’s return to Marist and look forward to working with him as we seek to elevate Marist’s profile nationally and internationally and expand the ways in which we keep our community informed.  Daryl arrives at the perfect time, as we continue to work on the strategic plan, targeted for consideration and approval by the Board of Trustees at its May 2023 meeting.  It will be important to share this vision and blueprint for our future in a clear and compelling manner, and to inspire various forms of support from alumni, parents, friends, grant agencies, and others.  

As competition for excellent students, faculty, and staff intensifies in higher education, we will also need to introduce Marist to new audiences and present the College as an excellent place to study, teach, and work.  I am confident in Daryl’s ability and potential to execute these and other elements of our communications and marketing portfolio.  

I hope you will join me in welcoming Daryl back to Marist!


Dear members of the Marist community,

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable and restful summer.  I am excited to share with you an advance copy of the public announcement that will go out later this afternoon regarding the hiring of Dr. Edward Antonio as Marist’s first Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (see attached).  This represents a significant step in Marist’s ongoing efforts to build a more diverse and equitable community with a deep sense of belonging.  Please join me in welcoming Edward to the Marist community.  I’d also like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank the members of the search committee, led by Addrain Conyers, who worked so hard to bring this national search to a successful conclusion.  Other members of the search committee included Christina Daniele, Patricia Ferrer-Medina, Brother Michael Flanigan, Alyssa Gates, Maryellen Guardino, Dabby Hines, Kumba Nyang, Mark Palmer, Jackie Reich, and Iris Ruiz-Grech.

Best wishes to all for the remainder of the summer, and I look forward to a terrific start to the new academic year.


Marist College to Break Ground On $60 Million Dyson Center Project 

The Marist College Board of Trustees has approved a transformational expansion and enhancement of the Dyson Center, home to the College’s Schools of Management and Social and Behavioral Sciences.  All Marist students, regardless of program of study, will benefit from this ambitious project.  Construction will begin in June immediately following Commencement, and the project is scheduled to be completed in early 2024.  The facility is being funded in part by a generous lead gift from the Dyson Foundation. 
A World-Class Academic Building 
“The reimagined Dyson Center will be a campus centerpiece, with state-of-the-art facilities for teaching, learning, research, socialization and collaboration,” President Kevin Weinman said.  “This project represents a bold investment in Marist’s future that will provide all Marist students with an outstanding educational experience to prepare them for successful lives and careers.”  
When completed, the project will double the size of the Dyson Center from 54,000 square feet to 110,000 square feet.  The new facility, designed by the internationally recognized firm Ann Beha Architects, will feature state-of-the-art classrooms; faculty offices; a 150-seat tiered lecture hall; and labs for student-faculty research, especially in the areas of cognitive, developmental and social psychology.  Said Vice President for Academic Affairs Thom Wermuth, “We envision a first-class academic building that is a hub of ideas and intellectual exchange.  In planning the new Dyson Center, we wanted to ensure ample workspace for student collaboration, a signature aspect of a Marist education.” 
In addition to the Schools of Management and Social and Behavioral Sciences, Dyson will also house Marist’s Center for Career Services, the Student Investment Center, and an atrium that features a soaring ceiling, café, lounge, and abundant social and collaborative space.  “We are extremely excited for the immense potential that this project offers for the Marist student experience,” said Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students Deb DiCaprio.  “With its central location on campus, this new space invites students from all disciplines to gather and socialize together.” 
Commitment to Sustainability 
In keeping with Marist’s longstanding commitment to environmental responsibility, the new Dyson Center features many sustainable design elements, including environmentally-friendly and locally sourced materials, and a green roof.  It is the latest in a long line of building projects at the College to prioritize sustainability and energy efficiency. 
“In approving this project, the Board of Trustees is signaling its confidence, both in the high quality of a Marist education, and in the future of the College,” said Board Chair Ross Mauri.  “This building will strengthen our academic programs, support the excellent work of our faculty, attract outstanding new students, and enhance an already beautiful campus.  We’re excited for the possibilities this project opens up and are gratified to know that the new Dyson Center will benefit Marist students for decades to come.”  
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President Weinman reflects on swimming the Hudson River with Lewis Pugh, British maritime lawyer-turned-endurance swimmer and environmental advocate.

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The Poughkeepsie Journal captured images of Marist student-athletes and president Kevin Weinman swimming the Hudson River with Lewis Pugh.

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President Weinman ranked number 29 among New York's most influential college and university leaders.

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Donation helped establish the Presidential Fund for Equity in the Marist Experience.

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Weinman selected as President at Marist.

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Weinman reflects on journey and master's program at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and being named President at Marist.

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Mid-Hudson News coverage of President Weinman's inauguration.

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Marist celebrated as part of President Weinman's inauguration.

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Weinman profiled in Marist Magazine.

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Weinman's Presidential Fund for Equity in the Marist Experience mentioned.

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Weinman announced as Marist President.

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Marist names Weinman President.

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A new era at Marist began on Oct. 4, 2021.

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