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Dear Marist faculty and staff:

I am very pleased today to announce the kickoff of the process to create Marist College's next strategic plan.  My goal is to provide a proposal to the Board of Trustees for their review and approval at the May 2023 Board meeting, exactly one year from now.  This plan will serve as the blueprint for Marist's future, building upon all that this incredible institution has accomplished to date while charting a bold and ambitious vision for its future.

I have asked James Snyder and Emily Saland to serve as co-chairs of the Steering Committee, and each has graciously accepted my request to serve in these key roles.  James currently serves as Associate Professor of Philosophy in the School of Liberal Arts, Interim Dean of Academic Engagement, and Interim Dean of the School of Management.  He also recently served as the Interim Dean of the School of Communication and the Arts, and as Director of the Honors Program.  He brings a deep passion for student outcomes, high-impact practices in and out of the classroom, and pedagogical innovation.  James's unique breadth of experience and commitment to student success position him well to help shape an exciting vision for Marist's future, and I am so excited to have him serve in this important leadership role.

Emily currently serves as Chief of Staff and Secretary to the Board of Trustees, where she has provided invaluable counsel and strategic insights to Marist's president and our 31-member Board for more than a decade.  Concurrent to this assignment, I am extremely pleased to announce Emily's well-earned promotion to Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff, where she will continue to support me and the Board while assuming her own independent portfolio of leadership responsibilities.  She is uniquely positioned to make insightful contributions to a compelling strategic vision for Marist.  As a doctoral student at Penn, she studied elements of student retention and graduation outcomes, and, like James, has a deep passion for student success.  Our vision for the future will benefit from Emily's expertise and insights.

James, Emily, and I are eager to execute a broadly inclusive and comprehensive strategic planning that solicits input and incorporates the views, ideas, and ambitions of our entire community: faculty, students, staff, alumni, trustees, and friends.  We are eager to hear from each of you.  We will have much more to say in the coming weeks and months about how your voice will be included in this process.  There will be additional members of the Steering Committee, several working groups focused on evaluating different elements of the strategic plan, listening sessions, opportunities for comment and input, and so on.  I strongly believe that the best strategic plans are bold, distinctive, and incorporate the views of the entire campus community.  I sincerely hope you will choose to answer this call to action.  Marist's strategic vision will be better for your involvement and eagerness to participate.  The course of our future depends on how you choose to shape it.

For now, please join me in congratulating James and Emily for these well-earned appointments!  I am so excited for the year that lies ahead, and extremely confident that we will produce an exciting and compelling vision for the future of Marist College.



Kevin C. Weinman
Marist College
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
(845) 575-3600