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HEOP Eligibility

You may be eligible to enroll in the HEOP Program if:

  • You have been a resident of New York State for one year preceding your term of entry 
  • into HEOP.
  • Possess a New York high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Be a high school graduate who has not taken college courses for credit.
  • Be inadmissible to Marist College under regular admission guidelines.
  • Demonstrate the academic potential for satisfactory completion of a degree program.
  • Your total household income falls within the economic guidelines established by the New York State Education Department (see economic chart provided).


  • You are a transfer student from an HEOP, EOP, College Discovery, or SEEK Program and had been a NYS resident prior to entering college the first time.

Economic Guidelines

For students first entering college between July 1, 2024 through June 30, 2025 the following criteria apply. For the purpose of this subdivision, the number of members of a household shall be determined by ascertaining the number of individuals living in the student’s residence who are economically dependent on the income.

Household Size Eligible Income
1 $26,973
2 $36,482
3 $45,991
4 $55,500
5 $65,009
6 $74,518
7 $84,027
8 $93,536

*Add $9,509 for each additional family member in excess of 8.

 A student is considered automatically economically eligible if s/he falls into one of the following categories, and documentation is available.

  • The student's family is the recipient of family assistance program, or safety net assistance through the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance or a county department of social services; or is the recipient of family day-care payments through the New York State Office of Children and Family Assistance or a county department of social services;
  • The student is living with foster parents who do not provide support for college and, money is not provided from the natural parents; or
  • The student is a ward of the State or a county.