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Albany Internship Student Testimonials

“The Albany Summer Internship Program was a great experience! Living in Albany allowed me to learn so much about environmental policy in a short amount of time. My internship at Clean and Healthy New York was challenging and fulfilling. I applied my knowledge from my Marist classes to professional policy work and I learned many new lessons in the field. I highly recommend the Albany Summer Internship Program to anyone seeking a great summer internship.” 
- Bridget Sheerin (Political Science major/Environmental Policy minor at Marist College)

“My time in Albany as an ASIP intern for NYS Senator Chris Jacobs was an experience like no other. It gave me a unique opportunity to see the intricacies of state government first-hand, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in politics and political communications.” 
- Matthew D. Rzodkiewicz (Communications and Public Relations Majors/Political Science minor at Marist College)

“My internship allowed me to get involved with important policy issues, meet with state legislators, attend press conferences, and learn directly from people with years of experience in children’s mental health policy. The beauty about my internship was that I was exposed to both policy and politics; through Families Together in New York State I got to connect with people from various mental health organizations from all over the state. This experience turned out to be very rewarding, in more ways than I ever expected. I highly encourage anyone interested in this program to go for it! There are so many opportunities available.” 
- Kevisha Hunt (Psychology major/Criminology minor at Wells College)

“In the six weeks working for NYS Senator Terrence Murphy and his staff, I gained a great deal of knowledge on the relationship between politics and policy, and the logistics of state government. I am grateful for the people I’ve met through the ASIP experience, and my time in Albany confirmed my future career aspirations. I highly recommend the program for anybody who wants to gain political experience, and the ASIP experience has something unique to offer all majors. I encourage you to learn more about it!”
- Samuel Fontanez (History major/Political Science minor at Marist College)

“The ASIP experience offered by Marist College opened doors for me that would have otherwise been very difficult to budge. As an ASIP intern with New York Public Interest Research Group I was able to sit in on New York State Senate and Assembly committee meetings and sessions, record their proceedings, and write memos of support and opposition for current bills. Studying politics in the state capital was a rewarding experience I would strongly recommend and something I will always consider enlightening.” 
- Max Pinchak (Political Science major at SUNY Oswego)

“My ASIP experience as a public policy intern at the National Alliance of Mental Illness solidified my true passions and career goals associated with making a difference in the lives of those impacted by mental illness. The internship inspired me to consider a career in policy advocacy in the future. As an ASIP intern I advocated for bills on mental health/criminal justice reform, conducted research on mental health topics, attended advocacy days at the capitol, and raised awareness on mental health issues through NAMI E-News. It was a great experience and I am very grateful I was given this opportunity through the Albany Summer Internship Program."
- Ilana Blumstein (Psychology major/Criminal Justice & Social Work minors at Marist College)