Marist in Manhattan

NOTE: Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Marist in Manhattan Program is temporarily on pause.  Questions can be directed to Program Director Prof. Gerry McNulty at

Who should attend Marist in Manhattan? 

Marist in Manhattan was created to give students a unique opportunity to work and study in New York City. Students should attend if they have a strong career interest to succeed in the fields of media or fashion. The internship experience, combined with targeted online courses, provides the student an immersion experience in big city life. 

Who is eligible for the Marist in Manhattan program? 

Students are admitted per their major field requirements. Applicants must meet their respective academic department requirements for internships, including minimums for GPA, credits earned and any prerequisites that apply. Internship placement must be approved by the departmental internship coordinator. Applicants must be in good standing with the college, with no unresolved disciplinary actions. 

Summer Program: Students who have completed 60 or more undergraduate credits with an earned GPA of 3.25 or above are eligible to apply. 

Is financial aid available? 

Students should consult with the Marist Students Financial Services Office in advance to explore their options. 

Where do students reside? 

The Marist in Manhattan Program partners with Educational Housing Services (EHS), a well-known non-profit organization that operates numerous student dormitory buildings. Students may reside in the New Yorker Hotel building, near Penn Station, or the St. George Tower complex in Brooklyn Heights.  All buildings feature group kitchen/eating area, laundry room and meeting room spaces. Full-time residential staff are on hand to provide guidance and arrange for programming. Each dorm room features private bath, microwave oven and refrigerator. 

For more details, visit the EHS website

What is there to do in New York City? 

Everything! Broadway theaters, world-class restaurants, professional sports, renowned museums, and so much more! 

Aside from the many fun things to do on your own, a program coordinator organizes activities and excursions. Excursions include entertainment tours, Broadway shows, sporting events and lectures. A mandatory Activity Fee is charged for these items. 

What type of support services are there? 

Marist in Manhattan kicks off each semester-long program with a day-long orientation to help students learn how to navigate the busy subways and streets of New York. Faculty and staff lead students on a tour of key New York sites. During the first few weeks, academic staffers conduct frequent phone and email checks, along with some "drop-in" visits. Monthly internship seminar lunches and dinners give students the opportunity to share and compare personal experiences and to reflect on ways to maximize their internships. A series of social activities are scheduled, including trips to Broadway theaters, comedy clubs, and sporting events. Faculty members often organize group trips to lectures and talks given by industry leaders. 

Will this count for college credit? 

Academic credit included. 

  • Summer Program – Students must enroll for a minimum of 3 academic credits. Those credits can be applied to the internship or to a combination of internship and courses. 
  • Fall-Spring Program — All students are enrolled for a minimum of 12 academic credits, combining internship and coursework. 

Where are the internships? 

New York City is home to numerous major television networks, fashion design houses, public relations and advertising agencies, national sports leagues, apparel manufacturing headquarters, and much more. Students will play an active role in selecting which employers they want to apply to. 

How does intern placement work? 

The best internships are very competitive. The Marist faculty and staff will guide you through this process by assisting you in preparing a cover letter, professional resume, interview tips, and will counsel you on choosing appropriate employment sites. Ultimately, employers retain full control over which students they select. Therefore, we encourage students to work closely with faculty and staff in the internship search process. 

How many hours of work is involved in an internship? 

This can vary. Summer internships may be as little as 2 days per week but can be more. Summer term runs for 10 weeks. Fall-Spring interns typically work a minimum of 3 full days per week for at least 12 weeks. Students should consult with their academic department’s internship coordinator for complete details. 

Is there course work in addition to the internship? 

Yes, coursework is required in addition to the time spent at the internship site. Students produce written journals, blogs, and papers to document, analyze, and reflect upon their internship experience. These works can become valuable in the future as they show prospective employers what you have done. 

Can international students apply for the Marist in Manhattan Program? 

International students who have permission to study and work in the United States may apply.