Chris Doyle

Director of Undergraduate Admission


Educational Background:

B.S., Business Administration - Marist College

M.S., School Counseling - Mercy College

What were you involved with on campus as a student?

Many of my colleagues working in the Admission Offices around the country were heavily involved in their school’s admission programs (ambassadors, tour guides, etc.). I don’t think I ever stepped foot in the Admission Office as a student. My interests in college were more related to my academic interests so I joined the business club and worked closely with faculty in the Business program on projects they were working on. I also played intramural soccer and dabbled in other intramurals to make friends. When I wasn’t on campus, you could find me working 30+ hours a week and hanging out with friends from Marist and the other colleges (Vassar, Bard, SUNY New Paltz) in the area.

Favorite spot on campus:

The dock in front of the boathouse offers one of the best views of campus, and arguably anywhere along the Hudson River. Catching a cool breeze as it races across the Hudson during a warm fall or spring day is unbeatable. My favorite indoor place on campus is the orchestra room in the music section of the Student Center. The classic design, warm wood tones, and acoustics make it such an inviting space – I could spend hours there. 

Favorite Marist tradition:

Without question, my favorite Marist tradition is the giving tree. Students, faculty and staff band together every holiday season ensuring families in need have presents for their children. It’s less about the physical act of giving and more about the intentional care for our local community and the collective benefit that comes from thinking about others. In many ways, it’s emblematic of the Marist ideals.  

Favorite Marist memory:

I have two and they're very different from one another. My first is meeting a famous Australian actor who played a superhero in a number of Marvel movie. I won’t say who, but if you’re dialed into Marvel and pop culture you’ll get it. He was visiting with his family and I ended up spending several hours with them and the different faculty they were meeting with. It was surreal! 

My second was offering a full-ride, tuition, room and board scholarship to a student who turned it down. Yes, she turned it down! I couldn’t understand why and a day later I called her back and we went over the enormous impact this would have on her life and the life of her children, and their children. It turned out she was afraid to accept it and felt she didn’t deserve it. Well, she did deserve it and she did accept it. It’s one of my favorite memories because she is flourishing at Marist and I’m excited to see what she does over the next two years and beyond!

Best advice for the college search:

Socrates was the wisest man in Athens because he was aware of how little he actually knew. In other words, he understood that despite all of his knowledge there was so much more that he didn’t know, hadn’t experienced and therefore couldn’t possibly understand. 

There are more than 3,000 colleges and universities in the United States alone. Learn about the ones you haven’t heard of, along with the ones you have, and you’ll have a much deeper appreciation of your options. You be better positioned during the application process and will have more confidence when it comes times to select the college you’re going to attend. 

Why did you choose Marist?

I lived abroad for 13 years and during high school traveled back and forth between New York and Dublin, Ireland every other year. Once I settled in New York, I wanted to stay a bit closer to home. Marist had strong academics, great internship options, excellent resources and everyone I spoke with had nothing but positive things to say. It remains one of the best decision I ever made.

What makes Marist special to you?

Most people enroll in college, make friends, earn their degree and remain connected to their alma mater through alumni newsletters, emails and homecoming weekends. I left Marist for three years after graduating in 2003 and since returning as a staff member, I’ve been fortunate to continue making new friends, developing new connections and welcomed more than 20,000 new Red Foxes to the Marist family. Its been a great place to grow professionally and personally.

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