Kate B. Gildard

Senior Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission


Educational Background:

B.A., Communication-Journalism & Public Relations, minor in Music - Marist College, 2010
Master of Public Administration - Marist College, 2013

I attended Marist as an undergraduate majoring in Communications with concentrations in journalism and public relations and minoring in music. I received my Bachelors degree in 2010. I also received my Masters in Public Administration from Marist in 2013.

What were you involved with on campus as a student?

As a student, I spent most of my time in the music department! I was an oboist and saxophonist in the Marist Band, member of the Marist Singers and Chamber Choir, and a member of the student-run, female a cappella group, The Sirens. I also participated in two musical productions through MCCTA (Marist College Club of Theatre Arts).

Favorite spot on campus:

Backstage of the Nelly Goletti Theatre immediately before a performance!

Favorite Marist tradition:

Senior Week! There is a week in between the conclusion of classes and the commencement ceremonies during which senior students can attend events and enjoy the campus with one another before graduating. I had so many wonderful friendships by that point and having the opportunity to soak in the last few days at Marist with them was the best gift.

Favorite Marist memory:

The simple moments stick out in my memory. On nice days, I would set out a blanket overlooking the river and study, read, listen to music. It wouldn’t be long before others joined. Small, organic, moments like these (while not momentous) made up so much of the day-to-day student life that I think it paints a really lovely picture of what it’s like to attend Marist.

Best advice for the college search:

Don’t overthink it! I know that’s easier said than done. But the bottom line in this process is you. If something feels right to you, follow that instinct! It may be different than what you set out to look for in a school (size, location, etc.) but if you’re checking the boxes for yourself, you’re bound to make a decision that fits you.

Why did you choose Marist?

Marist had everything I was looking for on paper (close to home, communications program, music program) but it wasn’t until I visited campus that I realized it was the place for me. The staff and students were so incredibly welcoming that it didn’t feel like a college, it felt like my next home. There was no looking back after that point!

What makes Marist special to you?

The people. In my time as a student and staff member, I’ve always felt like I’m a part of something bigger, thanks to the Marist community. I get to work with some of the very best people both in admissions and across campus. It always feels like we’re working toward a common goal, together. 

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