Graduate Student Admission

Comparing the GRE and GMAT Tests for Graduate Admission

Several of Marist College's graduate degree programs accept both the GRE or the GMAT to fulfill admission requirements. Trying to figure out which test is best for you? Take a look at this chart which compares the various sections.



How Many Take the Test?



Who Takes the Test?

Anyone hoping to get a master’s degree or go to business school

Those looking to go to business school.

If You’re Thinking About Going to Business School...

Over 1,100 universities and organizations now have business programs that accept the GRE. This number is growing daily, so always check with the specific school.

Over 5,600 business programs at 1,700 universities and organizations around the world accept the GMAT. If any test is required at a business school, the GMAT will satisfy that requirement.

Estimated Cost



When, Where, and How

  • Administered year-round

  • Taken in secure test centers

  • Administered at computer-based test centers around the world

In areas of the world where computer-based tests are unavailable, paper-based tests are administered up to three times a year, in February, October, and November.

  • Administered year-round

  • Taken in secure test centers

  • Administered at computer-based test centers around the world


Verbal Questions: Content

• Sentence Equivalence
• Reading Comprehension
• Text Completion

• Sentence Correction
• Reading Comprehension
• Critical Reasoning

Verbal Questions: Format

• Choose all answers that apply
• Choose a sentence in the passage
• Multiple choice

• Multiple choice

Verbal Questions: Study Tips

Learn words, not definitions. The only way to understand complex vocabulary is to understand how it functions in context. Reading from newspapers and magazines is a perfect way to do so.

Learn to “speak” grammar. Knowing your clauses and commas won’t just help on Sentence Correction but on the rest of the GMAT Verbal as well. So pick up a grammar primer pronto.

Math Questions: Content 

• Algebra
• Geometry
• Averages
• Ratios
• Number properties
• Exponents and square roots
• Numeric problem solving 
• Easier than GMAT math

• Arithmetic
• Algebra
• Geometry
• Data Interpretation
• Word Problems
• Harder than GRE math

Math Questions: Format

• Multiple Choice
• Multiple Answer
• Numeric Entry
• Quantitative Comparisons

• Problem Solving (multiple choice)
• Data Sufficiency

Math Questions: Study Tips

Calculator: Friend or foe? It’s true—you can use a calculator on the GRE. It’s also true that the calculator is not always your best friend. Take practice tests to learn when the calculator gets you the solution quickly, and when it slows you down.

Give away your calculator. There is no calculator available in the Quantitative section. Force yourself to do basic arithmetic in your head every day until you take the GMAT. Try calculating your grocery total in your head as you shop.

Time Per Section

GRE Total Time: 3 hrs 45 mins (plus short breaks)

GMAT Total Time: 3 hrs 30 mins (plus short breaks)

Quantitative Reasoning: 35 mins 2x
Analytical Writing: 60 mins
Research or Unscored: varies
Verbal Reasoning: 35 mins 2x

Analytical Writing: 30 mins
Integrated Reasoning: 30 mins
Quantitative Reasoning: 75 mins
Verbal Reasoning: 75 mins

Scoring System


Integrated Reasoning: 1-8 scale

Analytical Writing: 0-6 scale

Analytical Writing: 0-6 scale

Verbal: 130-170 scale
Quantitative: 130-170 scale
Combined Score: 260-340

Verbal: 0-60 scale
Quantitative: 0-60 scale
Combined Score: 200-800