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International Student Admission

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Rental Housing

Most undergraduate international students are placed in on-campus housing. Graduate students must live off campus.

Apartments in complexes as well as within private homes are available for rent throughout Poughkeepsie and nearby towns. Students may be able to find some apartments within walking distance of the college.

The best way for international graduate students to find apartments close to campus is to contact current Marist graduate students. The Marist College Office of Housing and Residential Life also maintains a list of available off-campus residences at

Housing costs

In order to secure housing, please be prepared to bring enough funds to cover the following estimated costs:

1 Bedroom/Single occupancy/month $1,500 USD
1 Bedroom/Double occupancy/month $750
2 Bedroom/Double occupancy/month $900
2 Bedroom/Quadruple occupancy/month $450


Be prepared to bring sufficient American dollars to cover the costs of rent, deposit, security, and transportation.

Some students choose to share with classmates thus substantially bringing the cost down. Two-four students may share a two-bedroom apartment while two can share a one-bedroom. Most landlords require a 12-month lease with one month's rent and security deposit at the time of signing.