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Summer Pre-College: Game Design

Earn college credits this summer while you learn to design and create your own video games.

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Summer Pre-College: Game Design

In-Person Session I: June 30 - July 13, 2024

If you enjoy video games, why not design and create your own? You won't have to fuss with archaic programming languages. Instead, you'll use state-of-the-art game-maker software that is both straightforward and yet is expansive and powerful. Students begin creating games, simple ones initially then increasingly sophisticated ones later. You'll learn how to create, test, and debug different types of exciting games such as scrolling shooters, maze games, platform games, and 3D parallax games. With this modern, user-friendly approach, in seemingly no time, you'll be well on your way to making real, viable video games that you can even share with your friends. No prior programming experience is required.



Welcome to Marist

Marist College is a highly selective and comprehensive institution noted for its leadership in combining a liberal arts foundation with a professional education. When prospective students visit Marist–our beautiful location on the Hudson River, top-notch facilities, the personal attention and expertise of our faculty, and the sheer enjoyment of their experience here–they want to join our community. At Marist, students get a premium education, develop career-ready skills, make lifelong friends, and graduate as the next generation of leaders ready to tackle a rapidly evolving world.

Program goals:

  • Delve into the principles of particle systems to create fireworks
  • Explore animated sprites
  • Check out collision detection and scrollable backgrounds
  • Analyze digital audio
  • Appreciate special effects and real-time input
  • Find out more about the next generation of gaming from world-class professionals
  • Create your own captivating video games

Earn College Credit Over the Summer

Marist Summer Pre-College is geared toward sophomores and juniors in high school. Upon successful completion of the Summer Pre-College Game Design Program, each student will earn three (3) transferable college credits for the Marist College course CMSC 190, Introduction to Gaming.

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