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Summer Pre-College: Why Choose Marist?

Explore topics that excite you while living the college life for two to four weeks.

COVID-19 Summer Pre-College Update

While we would prefer to host you on our riverfront campus, our Summer Pre-College program remains an incredible opportunity to earn college credit, test drive a major, and make friends from around the world at one of the nation's Top Pre-College Programs. This year's Summer Pre-College program will take place in an online, three-week format from July 6 - 24.

With this in mind, some of the information below may not be applicable for Summer 2020, as we will not be hosting students on campus, nor will we be utilizing our New York City or Florence, Italy campus locations. 

Why Summer Pre-College at Marist is a Good Idea

Summer and school are not normally two words that the average high school student wants to hear. However, at the Marist Pre-College Program, you won’t just be sitting in a hot classroom taking notes, you’ll be exploring topics that excite you while living the college life for two to four weeks.

This summer, work with talented faculty who will work with you to discover potential academic majors and future career options. Our goal is to help upcoming high school juniors and seniors expand their academic aspirations while earning college credit and strengthening their resume. You'll have several class sessions each day mixed with interactive discussion, field trips, guest speakers, and of course plenty of time to socialize with your fellow classmates. Classmates, who we might add, are like-minded and share in your interests and aspirations.

College life is more than the classes you take and academic majors. Through Marist’s Pre-College Program, students will live in dorms amongst Resident Assistants (RA’s), eat in the dining hall, and enjoy all the state-of-the-art facilities of the Marist campus. Students will be able to have a first-hand understanding of the college experience even before their senior year of high school.

Marist Pre-College helps students prepare and plan for academic success, all the while getting to know students who enjoy learning about a given subject area as much as them. Students have not only bonded over their shared interests in an academic major but formed friendships that made their weeks at Pre-College all the more fun and exciting.

Summer Pre-College Program Basics:

  • Two or four-week residential Pre-College program
  • Two exceptional campus locations to choose from
  • Three to six transferable college credits
  • An insight into the professional industry of your choice
  • Furnished bedroom suites with Internet access
  • 24/7 staffing
  • Access to Marist's state-of-the-art library, computer labs, and classrooms.
  • Experience what students have called "The Best Summer of My Life!"