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Undergraduate Admission

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Requirements for FDE Admission

  • Students must be 17 years old by the start date of the program in order to participate in the FDE
  • Offer of admission to the New York campus
  • Successful interview with a Marist staff member
  • Study abroad friendly major

In order to be considered for the FDE, students must first be offered admission to the New York campus. Students must demonstrate academic excellence in their high school transcripts, maturity, and leadership skills. Most majors work well with the FDE, but certain highly specialized programs such as lab sciences, special education, athletic training, and others with a high number of courses offered only in Poughkeepsie will find it challenging to spend a year abroad. Please call to find out if your major is eligible. In general, most liberal arts, communication, business, and fine arts majors will match very well with the FDE and promote new opportunities for those majors.

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Program Requirements

  • Valid Passport
  • Student Visa on arrival

In order to study in Dublin, Ireland, students will need a valid passport and a student Visa on arrival. If you have not applied for a passport please do so. The Marist Abroad Program staff will assist you in acquiring a student Visa.

Students participating in programs such as the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP), the application based Learning Support Program, or Division I Athletics are not eligible to participate in FDE but may be eligible to study abroad at another time.

If accepted to the FDE, you must complete the Enrollment Form and mail it to the Office of Undergraduate Admission to secure your spot.