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Marist’s Center for Sports Communication is a global leader in the study of and practice in sports communication, helping to prepare an enlightened and engaged group of future leaders in one of society’s most far-reaching disciplines. The Center has achieved national and international recognition for the unique educational experiences it provides to undergraduates. Marist student interns provide industry-standard support for the Center’s work under the guidance of dedicated faculty, allowing students unparalleled opportunities and access. 

The Center for Sports Communication is all about exposing students to the industry with hands-on experience. Some Center successes include partnering with both the Marist Poll and HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on sports-related survey research; building a unique speaker series that brings top leaders in the field to campus (including CBS sports broadcaster James Brown and Kevin Merida of ESPN sports blog The Undefeated); and serving as an academic partner to the industry-leading Sports PR Summit. The Center has also presented Lifetime Excellence in Sports Communication awards to HBO’s Bryant Gumbel, ESPN’s Hannah Storm, and NBC's Bob Costas.

The Center for Sports Communication offers an incredible range of involvement opportunities. Center Field, student-produced podcasts, and sports communication student research allow our students to focus their hands-on experiences on specific industries and sports they are most interested in. Explore our exciting involvement opportunities below.

Imagine helping to produce an NCAA Division I basketball game for broadcast while still a college student. That’s exactly the opportunity Marist students have working with the College’s Athletics Department to produce games for ESPN3 and ESPN+. Learn to cut live replays, work different camera positions on the floor, try new techniques, and work your way into the ESPN Teaching Control Room in the McCann Center.

Want to get involved? Contact Director of Athletic Multimedia Nicholas Skidmore at for more information.

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A group of Sports Communication students visited the ESPN studios at South St. Seaport and were given an all-access tour by Around the Horn host Tony Reali followed by a lesson in TV theory. Reali had us in-studio for the taping of that day's show and introduced us to ESPN analysts who share the space. It was an incredible behind-the-scenes look at one of the most popular shows on ESPN.

Marist's BA in Communication with a concentration in Sports Communication takes students beyond team scores and statistics. It requires that students read and analyze sports in new ways, critically examining the role of sports in society and considering such areas as gender, race, and public policy in the context of sports. The program combines ethical and theoretical depth with practical writing and public presentation skills. It further prepares students for careers in sports information and journalism by requiring an internship in the field.

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