The Red Fox Report: New Student-Led Sports Broadcast

Michelle Eggink, Assistant Director of Content Marketing & Communications
New Student-Led Sports Broadcast at Marist

February 16, 2023 – Marist games have been featured on ESPN platforms for several years, but you may have noticed some new elements to the streaming experience this year. The Red Fox Report is a new student-led, live-to-tape sports broadcast that is now part of many Marist game broadcasts on ESPN+ and gives students exposure as "on air talent" on the national streaming platform as well as the opportunity to lead the behind the scenes production.

The segment, which covers on and off campus Marist athletic events, is a fully hands-on, student-run sports production. Since starting in the Fall 2022 semester, the Red Fox Report has expanded its involvement, viewership, and impact, while providing students with essential industry skills.

The Red Fox Report is supervised by Chris Riviezzo, Marist’s Interim Director of the Center for Sports Communication and an ESPN Studio Producer. Riviezzo joined Marist last summer and wanted to bring a professional-style sports production to the campus.

“While I oversee and provide professional feedback, students are responsible for all the work that goes into this project,” said Riviezzo. “Students lead meetings and formulate all the ideas with the group of students who volunteer their time to shoot games, cut highlights, and then produce a full studio segment.” 

Riviezzo, who has worked in the sports production business for 25 years with 21 of those years at ESPN, highlights the importance of making connections and gaining valuable experiences as a student. 

“My goal in overseeing the Red Fox Report is to use my own contacts and industry experience to create and develop as many avenues as I can to help our students be successful when they graduate,” said Riviezzo. “The Red Fox Report puts Marist students in a position to gain as much experience as possible and make them desirable candidates for any employer in the industry.”




The Red Fox Report production takes place in the Marist College Media Center which provides multi-media support and high-tech equipment for the Red Fox Report. Riviezzo and the students at the Red Fox Report also collaborate with Athletics to tailor these segments for maximum exposure on ESPN+ during Marist games.

Students manage every part of the production from start to finish, gaining key skills to help them grow professionally.

“The Red Fox Report has really helped me grow as a leader, organizer, and professional,” said Matt Spirio ’23, Student Intern for the Center for Sports Communications and Executive Director & Producer of the Red Fox Report. “I have really refined my skills working on a team with very smart and productive people and have seen exactly what a professional real-world experience can be like, right here at Marist. I think the Red Fox Report is so special because we get the chance to get Marist students on real broadcasts.”

“The Red Fox Report has allowed me to enhance my skills in every aspect of sports production,” said Zachary Musso ’23, Student Intern for the Center for Sports Communications and Producer of the Red Fox Report. “Whatever field you’d like to explore post-grad, Marist can likely give you the experience you need to succeed. The best part about the Marist Sports Comm Department is that students get to manage and execute projects and initiatives like the Red Fox Report and Center Field. This allows for students like me to hone their skills in leadership, directing, and journalism.”

Isabella Cicinelli ’23 serves as Floor Manager and Highlight Creator for the production. She works closely with both producers of the show and the technical director while being connected to the on-air hosts.

“I have always had a passion and interest in working in broadcast and production and I knew that this was a perfect opportunity to expand both my skills and interests in these fields,” said Cicinelli ‘23. “Working on the Red Fox Report has helped me build my skill set and professional portfolio in a number of ways. I have landed some great opportunities working on not only the Red Fox Report but all projects the Sports Communication department offers at Marist. I have gotten the opportunity to work as an intern for the minor league baseball team the New York Boulders, and most recently with the NFL.”

Students Matt Spirio and Zachary Musso lead a growing team of other students at the Red Fox Report, many of whom express excitement and gratitude for the experience.

“When Matt Spirio told me that Professor Riviezzo wanted to implement the Red Fox Report in the Sports Comm Department, I thought it would be a perfect avenue for myself and other students who are passionate about sports broadcasting,” said Nicolas Vajtay ’23, Red Fox Report Studio Anchor. “As the Red Fox Report got off the ground, I quickly realized this would be a great opportunity to develop my broadcasting skillset, get more experience on air as an anchor, voice over highlights, and be a part of a hardworking team of students that puts their all into delivering a high-quality, professional broadcast show.”

“The experience I’ve gained from the Red Fox Report has been monumental,” said James Tsiantoulas ‘25, Sports Comm Student Volunteer for the Red Fox Report. “My love of sports and my connection to the upperclassmen running the show made me jump right in when I heard about the Red Fox Report. I’m building my portfolio by helping around the studio where I’m needed, video editing, learning the ropes, and creating highlights that go on ESPN broadcasts. It's not every day students get to do something like this.” 

The Red Fox Report is open to students of all majors with an interest in broadcast production. If interested, reach out to Matt Spirio.



About the Marist Center for Sports Communication
Marist’s Center for Sports Communication is part of the School of Communication and the Arts, in which students can major in Communications with a concentration in Sports Communication. The concentration requires that students read and analyze sports in new ways, critically examining the role of sports in society and considering such areas as gender, race, and public policy in the context of sports. The program prepares students for careers in sports information and journalism through academic coursework, internships and outstanding experiential learning opportunities like Center Field and the ESPN Teaching Control Room.

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