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REGALIA 101: Decorations or insignia indicative of an office or membership. Special dress.HOW TO CORRECTLY WEAR YOUR GOWN AND HOOD The Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees edition.THE GOWN:Marist gowns for Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees are black. The difference between the gowns is the shape of their sleeves.THE HOOD:All graduating students have a hood. The hood has three parts: the outside, the inside, and the collar. The outside and the inside of the hoods are the same for everyone graduating. The collar is a different color depending on what degree you are earning. OUTSIDE HOOD: All black. Resist the urge to turn this inside out. Leave the red and white material inside. COLLAR: Varies in color depending on degree. Make sure the collar (or velvety portion) is “up” and the string (to loop on a shirt button or pinned to clothing) is “down”. Do not twist the hood to get this orientation. If you need to do that, then your hood is on upside down. INSIDE: Red and White which are Marist colors.