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Department of Communication

Public Relations

B.A. Communication, Public Relations, concentration

The Communication degree has concentrations in Advertising, Communication Studies, Journalism, Public Relations, and Sports Communication. The purpose of Public Relations Concentration is to give students a look at the principles and practices of the public relations field. In doing so, students will study the importance of internal and external communication in organizations, PR theory, the history of PR, PR specializations, PR writing, and PR case studies. By comprehending the complexities involved in public relations, students will enhance their abilities to function in a variety of roles in the field.

Communication Foundation Courses (12 credits)

The communication major is required to take four foundation courses. These courses will be taken during the freshman and sophomore years. The courses are:

COM 102 Introduction to Communication 3 cr

COM 103 Digital Toolbox 3 cr

COM 101 Public Presentations 3 cr

COM 200 Communication Research: Strategies and Methods 3 cr

Public Relations Concentration (18 credits)

COM 211 Fundamentals of Public Relations Theory & Practice

COM 212 Public Relations Writing Tools

COM 333 Applied Research and Analytics

COM 418 Communication Campaign Management

Select one of two specializations:

Public Relations Management Specialization

COM 347 Reputation and Relationship Management

COM 419 Case Studies in Public Relations Management

Integrated Communication Specialization

COM 348 Integrated Strategies, Tactics and Stakeholders

COM 419 Case Studies In Public Relations Management

For more information, view the expanded course descriptions pdf icon