Dan McCormack

Senior Professional Lecturer of Art, Head of the Film Photography Lab


Dan McCormack studied photography from 1962-67 at the Institute of Design and Art Institute of Chicago from 1967-70. He began photographing the nude with his wife Wendy while in graduate school. Then for almost 50 years, he explored various techniques and processes while photographing the nude as a central theme.

In 1982, Dan McCormack won a NYSCA-CAPS Photography Fellowship with a series of nude images of Wendy, and Dan produced a monograph, "BODY LIGHT-Passages in a Relationship".             

In 1998 Dan began to work with pinhole photography. In 2009, he won the Ultimate Eye Foundation’s grant for Figurative Photography and had his work featured in an exhibition at the Peninsula Museum of Art in Belmont, CA.

In January 2010, Dan McCormack had a solo show at the Photography Center in Troy, NY. He showed over fifty images from ten diverse series made from 1990 to 2010. And this past Summer, May 2018, Dan had another show at the Photography Center in Troy of his the Nude at Home – Pinhole camera images series celebrating the publishing of his book of the same name.


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