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Film, TV, Games, and Interactive Media Department

Digital Video Production Minor

Open to all non-Media Studies and Production Majors

The program also includes minors in Digital Video Production, Interactive Media, and Cinema Studies for students outside Media Studies and Production who are interested in combining the study or the production of media with other disciplines.

Students in Media Studies and Production cannot complete these minors. Students can, however, declare a double concentration in Film & Television and Interactive Media & Game Design.


Course requirements for a Minor in Digital Video Production (15 credits)

Two required courses:

MDIA 103 Digital Toolbox

MDIA 203 Video Production

Select three:

MDIA 201 Writing for Media

MDIA 301 Screenwriting for Film and Television

MDIA 302 Editing

MDIA 304 Audio Production

MDIA 305 Lighting and Cinematography

MDIA 306 Media Performance

MDIA 403 Multi-Camera Production

MDIA 405 Digital Filmmaking