Student Affairs

Teletherapy access

Students' mental health and physical well-being are essential to their academic success as well as their personal, social, and emotional growth. With this in mind, Counseling Services is currently providing: 

  • Consultation and Referral Services: We can assist students in connecting to providers close to home or with long-term, specialized options. 
  • Limited short-term counseling: For students who are residing on-campus or in the surrounding area, or enrolled in on-site learning such as the PA and PT programs. Ongoing individual counseling, groups, and workshops will resume in the Fall 2021 semester. 
  • Mental health emergencies: On-Call Services remain available for currently enrolled students residing on-campus or in the surrounding area, as well as for any Marist community member who has urgent concerns about a student. Please call our office during normal business hours (845)575-3314 or contact the Office of Safety & Security (845)471-1822 outside of business hours. 

Accommodation services

To comply with social distancing protocols, all appointments with staff members in the Office of Accommodations and Accessibility (OAA) will occur virtually. OAA staff will work closely with students and faculty to ensure appropriate accommodations are in place for the blended, flexible model of learning and will continue to serve students on an individual basis by appointment.

Staff members have been conducting meetings like this since March 2020 and feel completely confident in this format. Additionally, various academic and social programs will be offered to students online, during the Fall 2021 semester. Testing accommodations will be available online and in-person for the Fall 2021 semester. 

Additional Health Services options

The Office of Health Services will expand the use of telemedicine and operate with modified protocols for in-person appointments, where necessary.

Questions? Check out our FAQs page.