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Dual Degree: Masters of Public Administration

School of Professional Programs

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Marist’s Bachelors/Master of Public Administration (BS/BA + MPA) dual degree program allows students who are pursuing their Bachelor’s degree in Professional Studies the opportunity to concurrently earn credits towards a Master of Public Administration. Students looking to master their leadership skills and apply them to either the public or nonprofit sector are encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity to save both time and money.

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Study Two Degrees Simultaneously

Marist’s BS/BA + MPA dual degree offers adult undergraduate students majoring in Professional Studies the opportunity to simultaneously earn credits towards a Master of Public Administration (MPA). The BS/BA + MPA dual degree allows students to efficiently work towards receiving their master’s while concurrently pursuing their undergraduate degree, and further distinguish themselves in a competitive landscape. Advance both your educational and professional goals by pursuing this concurrent, dual degree and kickstart your future.

Customize Your Academic Career Path and Start Earning Credit Towards Your MPA.

The Marist MPA is accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA), and gives students access to sector-specific management knowledge, skills, and values. Alongside this rigorous and comprehensive skill development program, students study and explore core public service values that will continue to shape the effectiveness and ethical fabric of our nation. The BS/MPA further enhances the professional competency and ethical leadership of these individuals interested in pursuing this concurrent dual degree. Learn how to customize your academic path by starting with a Professional Studies undergraduate degree.

Professional Studies + MPA

The Professional Studies major is a customizable degree, that may include, but is not limited to, the following areas of interest: Management Studies, Organizational Communication, Organizational Leadership, Information Technology Management, and Behavioral Studies. This transfer credit-friendly major allows students to maximize the use of credits earned from previous institutions, ACE accredited professional certifications and credit for specific life work experiences.

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In one fell swoop, you can progress through your undergraduate degree and get a head start on your graduate degree by pursuing your BS/BA + MPA. This opportunity provides students an efficient and economical way to earn graduate credits while still studying as an undergrad—saving you both time and money. Additionally, students can get credit for what they already know with Marist’s Life Work Credit program, which allows students to apply their background knowledge and prior experiences as academic credit.

A Program Customizable To Your Lifestyle

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Self-Paced Schedule

Pursue your dual degree MPA on your own time. This program allows students to create their own schedules, take classes online, and complete coursework from the comfort of your home.
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Flexible Formats

Students have the option to take both in-person and online classes. The Professional Studies degree is available online, as is the MPA degree, providing flexible formats all around.

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Accelerated Courses

Accelerate your degree with an eight-week online class format. These courses are designed to provide students with the same amount of information as a traditional course in a shorter period.

Accelerate your academic career and learn which dual degree path is right for you. Marist’s dedicated team of advisors will help you navigate our various dual degree options, degree formats, the transfer credit process, and are here to support you throughout your Marist experience. Distinguish yourself from your colleagues and jumpstart your future by becoming a two-time Marist alumni. Speak with an advisor today about our concurrent dual degree programs.

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