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FRAUD: "How are you doing?" Impersonation SMISH

Why this is fraud

  • The area code of the text is Orlando, Florida
  • The text does not contain any personalized greeting
  • It is unlikely that President Weinman would reach out directly via text message for a casual conversation
  • The phone number traces to an individual not associated with Marist College

Additional notes

  • What is a SMISH? It is a short way to refer to messages sent by texting, also known as SMS
  • Scams by text are very common - here is more information from the FTC on how to recognize them:
  • Did you know: a great way find out quickly if this is a legitimate text is to search the originating phone number in Google to validate whether or not it is valid
  • What would happen if you reply? It is likely that engaging in a text message exchange would lead to a financial fraud, such as wiring funds or purchasing gift cards
  • Impersonation by SMS is becoming very common! Be very cautious with text messages from people who are not in your current contact list