PHISHING: Report from 5/4/2023

Important report! You have messages to review - so says the "Marist Help Center." But is it real? No! Click "Read More" to learn how to spot similar phishing messages.

PHISHING: Employee Assistance Program Eligilbility

Marist has a new Employee Assistance Program. All you need to do is click on the link and register for the new portal. But don't do it - the link leads to a form asking for your Marist credentials, and this is phishing attempt. Click "read more" for additional information.

PHISHING: 3 Important message

MyMarist says you have "3 important message" (or "1 schedule message"). Just click the link, fill in your credentials and put in a Duo passcode! But beware - this is not a Marist login screen. Click "Read More" to learn about this dangerous phishing attempt.

PHISHING: IRM Pittington

A lawyer sent you an attachment and asks for it to be signed and returned. It comes from a real email address - but is it a valid request? No! The attachment is just a different way to present a fake Microsoft login screen as an attempt to steal your Marist login and password. Click "Read More" for details.

PHISHING: Document shared with you (Google Share)

Your supervisor sent you an important shared document! We get shared documents all the time. But what's different? It comes from Google, which is not a Marist service. Click "read more" to see how this phishing email works through a valid file share, a valid document, and a Google Form.

PHISHING: Data sent from Marist Portal

You have important data sent from the Marist Portal! But what is the data and who is it from? It isn't a valid message and clicking on the link might be dangerous. Click "read more" to see the full message and the phishing site which looks exactly like the Marist login page.

News: Important Information Regarding Recent LastPass Breach

This post contains important information about a data breach that occurred late in 2022 at LastPass, a password manager platform. Be sure to click "read more" and read this information carefully. This information is particularly important if you use this tool to store your passwords.

PHISHING: American Express Validate Your Account

You must validate your American Express account! But beware - this email is trying to steal your login information and also personal details that could lead to other accounts being hacked. Click "read more" and see what the email and website looks like.

News: Welcome back and Happy 2023!

We would like to welcome everyone back to campus after Winter Break. Click "Read More" to review general best practices for avoiding malicious email and keeping your Marist (and personal) accounts secure.

Fraud: unable to complete delivery (SMISHING)

Happy Holidays! Your package can't be delivered because the street address is wrong. But is this really a valid message from the United States Postal Service? Gone Phishing says "NO!" Don't be fooled by fraudulent text messages - click "Read More" to learn how to spot SMISHING attacks.