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Fraud: Very very important

Why this looks valid

  • This email may include details about your user account - including one of your older passwords - in order for you to think that the sender really does know who you are
  • This email may include personal details about yourself or your close contacts

Why this is fraud

  • Any information in the email that is tied to you or your account has been found on the Internet or on data agreggation websites that criminals have access to
  • Spelling and grammatical errors are good indicators of malicious emails

Additional notes

  • This is a very common scam!  There is no chance that the criminal has any information about you and they have definitely not installed a virus or activated your computer or smartphone camera.  See this post from the Federal Trade Commission:
  • Was one of your old passwords included in the email?  Hackers have been breaching website accounts for years and gathering large databases of usernames and passwords.  You should only be concerned if the email includes a password that you are currently using for any Marist or personal accounts.  In that case, you should change your password right away!