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FRAUD: VISA Card temporarily locked (SMISHING)

Why this looks valid

  • The text is coming from an address which makes it look like an alert
  • The text includes an ID number to make it look more valid
  • Many people have Visa credit cards and receive valid text notifications from the issuing bank, including lockout messages

Why this is fraud

  • Valid credit card alerts will always come from the issuing bank of the credit card
  • Valid credit card alerts come from offical texting services where the "from" number is 5 or 6 digits
  • You may not have signed up for text messaging, in which case a card lockout alert would never be received by text message
  • The phone number is not any bank or credit card service

Additional notes

  • What is a SMISH? It is a short way to refer to phishing messages sent by texting, also known as SMS
  • Scams by text are very common - here is more information from the FTC on how to recognize them:
  • Did you know: a great way find out quickly if this is a legitimate text is to search the phone number in Google - any valid alert would include a phone number that traces back to an official corporate website
  • This example came from yours truly here at Gone Phishing, one of three received in as many days! The other messages said I was locked out of my Amazon and PayPal accounts. It is very common to recieve these messages many times over a period of days, and the best course of action is to ignore and delete them.