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News: Beware of Tax Scams

Tax day is coming! Every year, criminals take advantage of this time of year to aggressively target individuals through malicious emails, phone call scams, and tax filing fraud.

Here are some examples of common scams:

  • Robocalls specifying a “legal matter” – You receive a phone call with an automated, ominous voice saying there is an urgent legal matter and you must call a specific number, or press 1 to speak to someone
  • W-2 emails – You receive an email that your W-2 form is attached and you should click the link to view it
  • Fake e-file websites – Websites that offer free or low-cost electronic filing services
  • Filing fraud – You file your taxes only to find out that they have already been filed, and a large refund in your name has already been processed 

Here are some tips to stay safe from scams during this year’s tax season:

  • Don’t engage with callers – The majority of robocalls are not valid communications; feel free to hang up when you get one
  • Call back on a published number – If you believe there is any chance the call is valid, you should hang up and lookup the agency’s published customer service phone number to call back
  • File your taxes early – Process them well before the April 15 deadline (subject to change due to COVID-19)
  • Don’t click links in emails – Send any suspicious email to and our team will evaluate it for you
  • Verify all filing services – If you see a great offer for electronic filling or tax preparation services, make sure to research them first

Here are some additional tax season resources: