An image of a letter being caught by a fishing pole with the text "Gone Phishing"

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Phishing: Final Warning: Account Suspension Notice!

Why this looks valid

  • The email looks like it is from American Express
  • The login screen looks like the American Express homepage
  • It is not uncommon for a banking or credit card account to place a temporary hold on transactions

Why this is phishing

  • The link in the email is not actually American Express
  • There is a generic greeting of Dear User
  • Credit card companies will usually contact people via phone for account issues

Additional notes

  • This is an extremely dangerous phishing attempt. If you clicked on this link and filled in your credentials, you should contact American Express directly
  • Always enable multi-factor authentication:  if American Express or any other financial institution offers MFA for your accounts, make sure to enroll
  • Remember:  always check the link.  You can hover over the link in the email to ensure that it going to a valid service
  • Report this message to Microsoft. In Outlook on the Web, click the Junk menu, and select Phishing
  • A little paranoia goes a long way! Be suspicious of any email messages similar to this one