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PHISHING: IRM Pittington

Why this looks valid

  • This email comes from a valid email external address
  • The email looks like it is from a lawyer in reference to a legal matter
  • Sending attachments for signature is very common

Why this is phishing

  • The attachment is really a HTML page that looks like Microsoft login screen
  • The microsoft login screen is a not Microsoft, Marist, or any other known sit
  • The email phrasing is very awkward with grammatical errors, which is common for malicious emails

Additional notes

  • This is an extremely dangerous phishing attempt. If you clicked on the attachment and filled in your credentials, please contact the Help Desk immediately at x4357 (HELP) or
  • Beware of unsolicited attachments: if you are not expecting an attachment, do not open it. An attachment can be a vector for a phishing form, or a virus that will infect your computer just by opening it. You should always verify the sender of an attachment, or forward the email to the Cybersecurity team for review at
  • Did you know: this message was so widespread it made the Cornell Phish Bowl website! See their posting here:
  • Report this message to Microsoft. In Outlook on the Web, click the Junk menu, and select Phishing.
  • A little paranoia goes a long way! Be suspicious of any email messages similar to this one.