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Phishing: Your Storage is Close to Exceeding the Limit


Why this looks valid

  • The email appears to be from someone at Marist College
  • The message is addressed directly to the recipient
  • Mailbox Full messages are common on some email platforms

Why this is phishing

  • The link does not go to a Marist website or known college service
  • The website has no Marist College branding and does not look like normal login services
  • Grammatical errors and awkward sentence construction are common indicators of malicious emails

Additional notes

  • This is an extremely dangerous phishing attempt. If you clicked on the link and filled in your credentials, please contact the Help Desk immediately at x4357 (HELP) or
  • Remember:  always check the link.  You can hover over the link in the email to ensure that it going to a Marist College service.
  • Report this message to Microsoft. In Outlook on the Web, click the Junk menu, and select Phishing.
  • Did you know: cyber criminals use confusing language to try and trick people. "Clear cache quickly to avoid email malfunction" may sound to some people like a technical instruction they might not understand. Instead of asking for more information, the sense of urgency in the email may lead to people falling for the scam.
  • little paranoia goes a long way! Be suspicious of any email messages similar to this one.