News: Happy National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

It's National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Read More to found how to get daily Cybersecurity Tips and Tricks from Marist IT social media.

News: critical software updates for Microsoft and Apple devices

Over the last two weeks, Microsoft and Apple have both announced security updates to fix critical vulnerabilities in their products.  Regularly updating all operating systems and software is a key part of ensuring the safety and security of private information. We recommend that security updates are applied as soon as they are available for both personal and Marist College owned devices. Microsoft   Microsoft released updates to fix flaws in all Windows...

News: take care of your junk folder

Last summer Marist College enabled additional spam and junk filterimng on the campus email platform. This helped keep malicious and bulk email out of inboxes. However, as with any filtering technology, it is not always perfect. It can get better, though, if you help curate your inbox with the following steps: Report messages as Junk - if you get a malicious email or spam message in your inbox, report it as "Junk" Report messages as Not Junk - if you get valid...

News: Have a (cyber) safe break!

All of us at Gone Phishing would like to wish each and every member of the Marist Community a wonderful and relaxing winter break. Here are some helpful hints to keep your computers and data secure, whether your are traveling, at home, or on campus: Keep your devices safe  – make sure your laptop, smartphone, and tablet all have a passcode, thumb print, or face ID enabled. Turn on the auto-lock feature as well. If you lose your device while traveling, it will be harder for...

Welcome back!

We are so happy to welcome everyone back to the Marist College campus for the Fall, 2021 semester. A special welcome goes out to the Class of 2025! Here at Gone Phishing we care about the security of all electronic information, both business and personal. Click Read More for a special message about the unique cybersecurity threats that can emerge as the semester gets under way.

News: Ransomware is always a threat

In April, the writers here at Gone Phishing posted a new announcement about the   evolving threat of ransomware .  Just in the last few weeks, there has been widespread reporting about ransomware attacks causing great disruption.  These include the Colonial Pipeline, and public health systems in Ireland. The Cybersecurity Team at Marist IT continues to be concerned about ransomware attacks.  Although details about recent attacks have not been...

News: The evolving threat of ransomware

Cybersecurity is an ever-changing and evolving landscape.  There are always new threats to watch out for, in addition to ones that have been circulating for the last few years.  In particular, the Cybersecurity Team at Marist IT is very concerned about recent increases in ransomware attacks, especially against Colleges and Universities. Ransomware has been a cyber threat since 1989, long before most computers were connected together through the Internet....

News: Windows Updates for Marist Issued Computers

Has your Windows machine prompted you for updates recently? Don't ignore them! Make sure you apply them as soon as you can.

News: Beware of Tax Scams

Tax day is coming! Every year, criminals take advantage of this time of year to aggressively target individuals through malicious emails, phone call scams, and tax filing fraud. Click Read More to learn about some common scams.

News: Welcome!

Welcome to the Information Security announcements page!  Here you will find real examples of fraudulent, phishing, virus infected, and spam emails that have been reported to the  email account.  You will also find some tips to help you keep your computers and accounts secure, and other announcements related to Marist IT tools and technologies that support the Marist College Information Security Program.