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Fraud: Order

August 24, 2021
Another invoice scam! This one tries to look like a McAfee subscription. Don't be fooled - these scammers are trying to get your credit card number. Read more to find out how!
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Fraud: In_Voice

August 11, 2021
We have seen variations of this one before - an email shows up in your inbox claiming that you have an invoice and the company will automatically pay it. They provide a helpful number to call! But beware, that number only leads to cyber criminals who are trying to steal money from you.
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Phishing: invoice from DocuSign Signature Service

August 03, 2021
You have received a document to sign! This email looks like it is from DocuSign, a common platform for signing electronic documents. Don't get hooked - this is just another phishing attempt.
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Welcome back!

July 29, 2021
We are so happy to welcome everyone back to the Marist College campus for the Fall, 2021 semester. A special welcome goes out to the Class of 2025! Here at Gone Phishing we care about the security of all electronic information, both business and personal. Click Read More for a special message about the unique cybersecurity threats that can emerge as the semester gets under way.
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Phishing: Last Warning - synchronize with out security protocols

July 13, 2021
This message looks like it is from Marist and has small details such as the recipient's name and email address. They use a sense of urgency to trick people into clicking. Don't get hooked! Find out how to spot these and other malicious emails.
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Phishing: (9) messages are on pending

June 24, 2021
You have 9 messages pending! This is a phishing attempt, similar to others that claim there are email messages in quarantine. Click "read more" to see additional details and see why this is a phishing message.
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Phishing: Action: Password Reset Notice

June 16, 2021
Your password is expiring in 24 hours! In reality, this is a phishing attempt. Don't get hooked - click "read more" to find out why this email is malicious.
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June 01, 2021
Your email quota has been exceeded! But not really - this is a phishing attempt. If you click on the link a malicious website will come up asking for your Marist username and password.
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May 23, 2021
This is a classic example of a lottery scam. These types of emails have been circulating for decades - they are never valid and always lead to financial fraud.
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Phishing: Attention Required

May 20, 2021
Attention! You have quarantined messages and you must click a link to review them! Don't fall for it - this is just an attempt to steal your Marist login and password. Make sure to read more to see more tips for spotting phishing emails.
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