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Welcome to the Office of Telecommunications. The information in this section applies to administration, faculty and staff at Marist College.

For new employees of the College, your school secretary or home office supervisor will assign a phone along with your extension and PhoneMail number. To change the caller identification field, if not completed prior to your arrival, simply call the Information Technology Help Desk at extension 4357 (HELP). Request the caller id be changed to your name for your new extension and to have your PhoneMail profile purged.

If you are having a problem requiring repair, please call the HelpDesk at x4357 (xHELP).


On Campus Dialing:

Dial the 4-digit extension.

Placing a Local Call:

1.Dial 9

2.Hear external dial tone

3.Dial local number:
            329 Area must be 10 digits – 9-329+7 digits
            845 Area must be 10 digits – 9-845+7 digits
            914 Area must be 11 digits – 9-1-914+7 digits

4.Toll free numbers are also dialed using 9 1 (800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, 833)
            9 1 8xx+7 digits

5. 988 dial 988 or 9-988

6. 911 – dial 911 or 9-911

Forced Authorization Code/Dialing Instructions

Marist College has selected Windstream Communications to provide long distance services.

With your Business Forced Authorization Code (FAC), you can place long distance calls. To add, change, or delete the FAC Code, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at H-E-L-P, extension 4357.

1. Dial 8, 1 areacode +7 digits
2. Hear 2 beep tones
3. Dial your 7-digit FAC Code followed by #

Unity Connection Voicemail Information

Checking your Voice Mail

When a new voice mail is received, the phone message waiting indicator light on the handset will be lit red.

  • Press the Messages  button or dial the Unity Voicemail pilot number at extension 4800
  • Enter your PIN followed by #
  • New messages automatically play

To reach Unity from outside campus call 575-4800

  • During greeting playback enter *
  • You will then be asked for your ID, which is your 4 digit extension, followed by #
  • Enter your PIN followed by #
  • New Messages automatically play

Note – The first time you log onto your voicemail box you will be required to personalize your mailbox by recording your name, recording a personal greeting, and changing your default password.


Changing your Standard Greeting

The standard greeting plays at all times unless overridden by another greeting, you cannot disable the standard greeting.

  • Press the Messages  button
  • Enter your PIN followed by #
  • Press 4,1,1,1 and follow the prompts to edit your standard greeting
  • Follow the remaining prompts to edit and save greeting


Recording your Alternate Greeting

The Alternate Greeting is optional. It can be used for a variety of special situations, such as vacations or a leave of absence. (For example, "I will be out of the office until....") An alternate greeting overrides all other greetings.

  • Press the Messages  button
  • Enter your PIN followed by #
  • Press 4,1,1,2 and follow the prompts to edit the alternate greeting.

Note – Setting your alternate greeting will automatically enable the greeting.


Changing your Voicemail Password (PIN)

To change your password, follow these steps:

  • Press the Messages button or dial extension 4800
  • Enter your PIN followed by #
  • Press 4,3,1 and follow the prompts to change your PIN


Voicemail Shortcut Keys

Main Menu and Shortcuts

Key - Task

1 - Hear new messages

2 - Send a message

3 - Review old messages

4 - Change setup options

4, 1, 1 - Change greetings

4, 1, 2 - Turn on/off alternate greeting

4, 2, 1 - Change message notification

4, 2, 3 - Choose full or brief menus

4, 3, 1 - Change phone password

4, 3, 2 - Change recorded name

5 - Find messages

Telephone Features

Speakerphone - Press 

Hear dial tone and enter digits on keypad

Headset - Press 

Make sure you have a headset plugged into the base of the phone to hear

Hear dial tone and enter digits on keypad

Settings - Press 

  1. Press the Applications button
  2. Press 2 for Preferences
  3. Press 1 for Ringtone
  4. Select the line number by typing number in keypad or pressing the Navigation button
  5. Select the ringtone using keypad or Navigation
  6. Press the Play soft key to preview tone
  7. Press the Set soft key to select the ringtone
  8. Press the Apply soft key to confirm your selections or press Cancel to go back to the Ringtone screen

The Volume bar is located to the right of the keypad 

  • To adjust the handset, headset, or speakerphone volume, press the Volume bar when the phone is in use
  • To adjust the ringer volume, press the Volume bar right or left with the handset down.