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The Journalism concentration within the Communication major is designed to stir and enrich your curiosity, resourcefulness, and concern about the issues of the day. You will study the history, literature, and law of your field, and you will graduate with years of hands-on journalism experience to ensure your success upon entering the industry.

Through my internships, I found out that I love the fast pace of the news industry. I wrote articles on influencers and helped with interviews in Times Square, and it was such a great experience because they let me be really hands-on.

Brooke DiPalma

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Throughout my time at Marist, I’ve been able to take classes directly related to my future career and have internships that have really helped me grow as a public relations professional. Also, applying to Marist as a transfer student was seamless.

Caroline Wolf

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Being involved in Center Field, and the mentorship I received from the upperclassmen there, just took my writing to the next level.

Jack Griffith

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I feel greater appreciation for Marist even more now than I did my freshman year. The Hudson River is beautiful, and campus life is active and lively. The students are eager to learn, the classes are eye-opening and impactful, and we’re able to have really important conversations about weighty topics.

Marika Cygert

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Marist has helped me build a strong support system of professors and friends. It's also brought out the go-getter side of me and its curriculum has allowed me to take so many elective courses where I discovered new subjects and issues I didn't even know I had an interest in.

Paige DiFiore

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I’ve grown extremely interested in sustainability, so I’ve been able to take classes in areas like environmental science and global studies. I’ve been very involved in the Fashion Program’s ethical fashion initiative, as well as Habitat for Humanity and SEED (Students Encouraging Environmental Dedication).

Teresa Cimino

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Focused Coursework On Your Future

Whether you’re interested in news writing, broadcast journalism, editing, photojournalism, or even if you don’t know where your specific interests lie, the Journalism program is designed for you. Learn the fundamentals of journalism, as well as the details of individual industries within the field. You’ll take courses like:


  • News Editing
  • Broadcast Newswriting
  • Magazine Layout & Design
  • Producing the Newscast
  • Photojournalism
  • Mass Communication Law
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Engage in Real-World Journalism

Marist’s Journalism students have access to a wide range of opportunities for hands-on experience in the field. Over 83% of Marist students complete at least one internship, and being only 90 minutes away from both New York City and Albany, NY, you’ll have special access to journalistic epicenters of the world. Alongside internship experiences, you’ll have access to on-campus journalistic hubs like:


  • Marist Circle: the main school newspaper written, photographed, edited, designed, and produced by and for the Red Fox Community.
  • The Society of Professional Journalists: join the Marist chapter of the premier professional society for journalists in the United States, and engage with working journalists as guest speakers and mentors, and gain access to journalism awards and training seminars.
  • Marist Poll: the College’s survey and polling research center provides Journalism and other students access to important political and social data and also offers exciting activities and excursions.

Develop The Skills Needed To Succeed

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Research & Reporting

Learn and practice the interviewing and research techniques reporters use in turning ideas into complete, thorough and truthful stories.

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Critical Thinking

Develop the ability to analyze information from sources, evaluate it for importance and relevance, and synthesize it into a coherent account of a story.

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Written & Visual Communication

Learn and refine the techniques that journalists use to communicate complex stories to the public in clear and compelling ways.

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Ethical Decision Making In Newsrooms

Examine current ethical concerns in journalism, as well as professional ethical codes, and develop strategies for practical and principled newsroom decision making.

Image of news literacy & analysis icon.

News Literacy & Analysis

Analyze a wide variety of news sources for their points of view, relevance, and contributions to the public conversation and put them into social and historical context.

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Public Presentation

Develop skill and confidence in public presentation settings, from interview situations to newsroom meetings and public forums with audiences, readers and subscribers.

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At Marist, we pride ourselves on our dedication to providing our students with a well-rounded liberal arts education that prepares them for practical experience and profound success in their field. But don't just take our word for it - the numbers speak for themselves.


Of current students are satisfied with their Marist Experience


Graduation rate, higher than the average for public and private colleges


Employed or attending grad school 6 months after graduation

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