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The McCormicks, both members of the class of 1988, met while attending Marist and have been involved with the College ever since then. Genine, a CPA, is a Marist Board of Trustee member. Her husband, Michael, has spent more than 30 years in the finance industry as a partner and portfolio manager with New York City's investment firm, Gilder, Gagnon, Howe & Co, LLC. He was instrumental in the development of Marist’s Investment Center and the Greystone Equity Fund, and was a driving force in the establishment of the newly-launched School of Management Career Center at Marist, which offers students and alumni an array of programs and services to help them succeed in an increasingly competitive job market.  In the Spring of 2019, in the North Campus Housing Complex, Marist College formally dedicated McCormick Hall in recognition of Michael and Genine.

In 2000, the McCormick's established the McCormick Family Foundation to support programs that create a positive impact on children’s lives. Over the years this foundation has grown and assisted various programs that are collectively helping to achieve this goal. Today, the McCormick's philanthropy honorably expands with the establishment of the McCormick Family Foundation–Gilder Lehrman Institute History (GLI) Scholarship Program. In partnership with the Gilder Lehrman Institute and Marist College, the GLI Scholarship is awarded to students from GLI’s vast national network of affiliated schools who demonstrate exceptional achievement in the study of history. Learn More About GLI >

image of: From Left to Right: Michael McCormick, Genine McCormick, Harumi Kameda, Elisabet Guerrero Hernandez, Kim Viggiano, Frank Viggiano, Marist President Kevin Weinman
From Left to Right: Michael McCormick, Genine McCormick, Harumi Kameda (GLI Scholarship Recipient), Elisabet Guerrero Hernandez (GLI Scholarship Recipient), Kim Viggiano, Frank Viggiano, Marist President Kevin Weinman

Thank you to our generous donors:

Michael McCormick '88 and Trustee Genine McCormick '88

Trustee Patrick Lavelle '73 

Scott Sweeney '04 and Lisa Tatelbaum Sweeney

Frank and Kimberly Viggiano '00/'02

Mark and Jill Viggiano '00/'02 

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Named Scholarship Opportunities

With substantial scholarship support founded under the newly established Gilder Lehrman Institute Scholarship Program, twelve gifted high school students with an immense appreciation for history, will be selected over the span of four years to attend Marist College. You can make the life-changing difference in a young person academic career by establishing a named scholarship within that program. The accomplished students who qualify for this opportunity will have demonstrated their deep interest for history and their potential for success; these students have a commitment to bringing the lens & learnings of history to their chosen field of study, their career, and their place in the community. Contact Chris DelGiorno with further questions.