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About the Office of General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel's goal is to provide legal advice and counsel, tempered by experience and judgment, to our colleagues and business partners responsible for making decisions on behalf of Marist College. The Office's objective is to advance Marist College's mission and provide legal advice efficiently and effectively to support the school’s mission. Some of the operations that the Office of General Counsel focuses on are: 

  • Offers legal counsel to the President, President’s Cabinet, Board of Trustees, Faculty, and Staff, advising on all legal matters as well as policies of the College. 
  • Executes the typical duties of an in-house lawyer, such as contract negotiations, Human Resource matters, reviewing and complying with local, state, and federal laws and regulations, and general practice legal services.
  • Integrates and supervises the work of outside law firms, taking into account the nature of the services they can provide and the fees they charge. In addition, the General Counsel ensures that services are provided to serve the College’s interest. 

Meet General Counsel, Sima Saran Ahuja >
Meet Assistant General Counsel, Richie Williams >

Summonses and Subpoenas

Please do not accept summonses or subpoenas on behalf of the College.  Instead, please direct all attempting to serve a summons or subpoena on the College to the Office of General Counsel (Donnelly 216).

Notary Services

The Office of General Counsel does not provide notary services. If you or your offices require notary services, please contact: 

Sheila Conboy: (845) 575-3296
Kathy Santoiemmo: (845) 575-3440
Amaryah Popovic: (845) 575-3161

Marist Staff and Faculty, please click here to access the electronic contract routing form at Marist.  

All forms and templates require Marist login credentials to access.

For Facilities Use Agreements, please contact the Office of College Events.