Joel Baldomir, PhD

Faculty Director of Professional Studies


Since 2001, Joel Baldomir has been teaching courses in the fields of communication, leadership, and management. During this time, He has had opportunities to teach both online and in person while also volunteering his time and talents to work with government and not-for-profit organizations.  

Recognizing that the acquisition of knowledge is a process that reaches far beyond the traditional classroom experiences, Dr. Baldomir has attempted to adopt a holistic approach toward education, where the student is viewed as a complete person with multiple experiences, multiple interests, and individual needs. He believes this student-centric approach allows for more meaningful learning opportunities by addressing specific learning styles and individual student interests. As a Professional Studies faculty member, Dr. Baldomir has had the opportunity to bring together his many research interests while addressing the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary education.

In addition to being a full-time faculty member in Marist’s School of Professional Programs, Dr. Baldomir also serves as faculty director of the Professional Studies program and Chair of the Assessment Committee. He is also a former playwright, news writer, radio personality, market research professional, and customer service consultant.


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