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8-Week Online Courses 2023

August 28, 2023 - October 19, 2023

Course Number Course Name Instructor
CMPT 300L741 Management & Information Systems Anne Galante
COM 302L741 Persuasion Joanna Huyck
INTD 213L741 Perspectives on Science & History Joanna Huyck
ORG 302N741 Behaviors in Organizations Corey Fenstemacher
PSYC 317L741 Child Development Corey Fenstemacher
REST 209L741 World Religions Ross Enochs 


October 23, 2023 - December 15, 2023

Course Number Course Name Instructor
ART 220L741 History of Photography Wayne Lempka
COM 102L741 Introduction to Communication Joanna Huyck
COM 325L741 Intercultural Communication Joanna Huyck
HLTH 225L741 Topics in Nutrition Jennifer Cauthers 
INTD 477L741 Capping TBA
ORG 322L741 Leadership in the Global Workplace TBA
PSYC 330L741 Psychology & Culture Corey Fenstemacher