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Adult Student Internship

The internship course enables students to apply interdisciplinary knowledge in a professional setting. Students will demonstrate learning outcomes through integration of at least two of their chosen fields of study (concentrations) at a professional site. Eligibility requirements to enroll in this course include: completion of course prerequisites, interview with Professional Studies Internship Committee and internship site clearance.  In addition to internship site hours, weekly online assignments are required for successful completion of the course. This course is open only to students majoring in Professional Studies.

  • Open to Professional Studies majors only
  • Students must register for the 8-week course as part of their academic schedule (meet with your advisor)
  • All prerequisites must be completed before applications will be accepted


  • Minimum of 60 credits completed at start of internship (at least 12 credits must be completed at Marist)
  • Cumulative Marist GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Successful completion of INTD 105: Perspectives on Education
  • Completion or co-registration of CRDV 100: Employment Practicum

Application Steps:

  1. Ensure prerequisites are met
  2. Complete the Professional Studies Internship Request form
  3. Confirm resume is approved by the Center for Career Services
  4. Request an interview with Professional Studies Internship Committee 
  5. Receive internship site clearance and approved schedule