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School of Social and Behavioral Sciences


51 Fulton Street, Room 137



845-575-3000 ext. 2719

Dr. Carol R. Rinke

Professor of Education; Associate Dean for Social and Behavioral Sciences


Carol R. Rinke is Professor of Education and Associate Dean for Social and Behavioral Sciences. A former science and math teacher in New York City and beyond, she returned to graduate school to study the challenges of recruiting and retaining educators in hard-to-staff classrooms. Dr. Rinke teaches interactive courses in STEM methods that partner with local schools and community organizations to develop applied and authentic learning experiences. Dr. Rinke also maintains an active research agenda, exploring the intersection of the personal and the professional in teachers’ career trajectories. Dr. Rinke is the author or editor of 3 books, 24 journal articles, and 5 book chapters on teacher career development over the professional lifespan. She is also Co-PI for a Spencer Foundation educational research grant. 

Dr. Rinke has been instrumental in the development of a number of initiatives promoting an intellectual and inclusive climate across campus. She is a founding member of the Creating and Inclusive Community dialogues on addressing race and racism in the college classroom as well as the Marist Center for Social Justice Research (MCSJR), which constructs collaborative teams of faculty, students, and community members to conduct applied research in the community that addresses both disciplinary as well as local needs. She heads the Education Department and leads two accreditation efforts. Dr. Rinke co-chairs the campus-wide Middle States reaccreditation process as well as Teacher Education Programs’ accreditation with AAQEP. 



PhD, University of Maryland College Park
MA, Teachers College, Columbia University
BA, Stanford University

Research Interests / Areas of Focus

STEM Education, Teacher Education, Teacher Career Development and Community Engaged Research

Selected Publications

Mawhinney, L. & Rinke, C.R. (2019). There has to be a better way: Lessons from former urban teachers. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press

Rinke, C.R. & Mawhinney, L., eds. (2019). Opportunities and Challenges in Teacher Recruitment and Retention: Teachers’ Voices Across the Pipeline. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing

Rinke, C.R. (2014). Why half of teachers leave the classroom: Understanding recruitment and retention in today’s schools. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield

Williams, S.A.S., Hanssen, D., Rinke, C.R., & Kinlaw, R. (2019) Promoting race pedagogy in higher education: Creating an inclusive community. Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation 30(3), 369-393. 

Mawhinney, L. & Rinke, C.R. (2017) I just feel so guilty: The role of emotions in former urban teachers’ career paths. Urban Education 53(9), 1079-1101

Rinke, C.R. & Mawhinney, L. (2017). Insights from teacher leavers: Push and pull in career development. Teaching Education 28(4), 360-376

Rinke, C.R., Mawhinney, L., & Park, G. (2014). The apprenticeship of observation in career contexts: A typology for the role of modeling in teacher career development.
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