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School of Social and Behavioral Sciences


51 Fulton Street, Room 138



845-575-3000 ext.2458

Dr. Elizabeth Quinn

Associate Professor of Psychology


Beth Quinn is an Associate Professor of Psychology and recent former Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee at Marist College. She teaches both undergraduate and graduate psychology courses. She has co-authored several books, including Empowering Students: A Contemporary Philosophy of Education (2014), Treating Young Veterans: Promoting Resilience Through Practice and Advocacy (2011), The
Community Mental Health System: A Navigational Guide for Providers (2007), and Community Psychology: A Common Sense Approach to Mental Health (2005).  Beth has also presented and published in the areas of stress management for leaders, the psychology of women, leadership, and the use of cognitive behavioral therapy in the treatment of women. She maintains a private practice where she provides psychotherapy to individuals struggling with substance use disorders, anxiety, depression, and posttraumatic stress. 


PhD, Clinical Psychology, 2000, The Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio
Sussman Award for Excellence in Scholarly Research
Circle of Scholars Award
MA, Psychology, 1995 Marist College, Poughkeepsie, New York
Dan Kirk Award for Excellence in Graduate Psychology
General Excellence Award, First in Merit, Class of 1995, GPA 3.98

Research Interests / Areas of Focus

Women’s Psychology, Leadership, and Behavioral Health Trauma and Addiction

Selected Publications

Matheus, C. & Quinn, E. (2018). Gender based occupational stereotypes: New behavior, old attitudes. Women in Engineering (WIE). DOI: 10.1109/WIE.2017.8285610

Matheus, C & Quinn, E. (2017, Nov-Dec). Gender based occupational stereotypes: New behavior, old attitudes. [Summary]. Proceedings of the IEEE, WIE Forum USA East, Baltimore, MD

Quinn, T. & Quinn, E. (2015). The effects of cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) on driving while intoxicated recidivism. Journal of Drug Issues, 45(4), 431-436.

Quinn, E. L. & Scileppi, J. A. Eds. (2015) Empowering students: A contemporary and essential approach to education. Washington, DC: New Academia Publishing

Quinn, E. (2012). Stress management skills for leaders. Champagnat Journal, 14(3), 48-53

Quinn, T. & Quinn, E. in Kelly, Howe-Barksdale, & Gitelson Eds. (2011) Treating young veterans: Promoting resilience through practice and advocacy. Trauma & the Developmental course of PTSD post-deployment. NY: Springer

Teed, E. L., Scileppi, J. A., Boeckmann, M., Crispi, E. L., Regan, J., & Whitehouse, D. J. M. (2007). The community mental health system: A navigational guide for providers. New York: Allyn & Bacon

Scileppi, J. A., Teed, E. L., & Torres, R.D. (2005). Community psychology: A common sense approach to mental health. Japan: Minerva Shobo. (Japanese Edition)

Scileppi, J. A., Teed, E. L., & Torres, R.D. (2000). Community psychology: A common sense approach to mental health. New Jersey: Prentice Hall

Selected Publications

Presenter, Women and Society Conference – Women and Substance Abuse

Presenter, Emerging Leaders Program – Topics include Stress Management for Leaders; Communication Skills

Presenter, Stress Management for Athletes to Marist women’s volleyball team.

Presenter, Stress Management at the LEAP networking event for female athletes.