Emma G Fredrick, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychology


Dr. Emma Fredrick received their PhD in Experimental Psychology from East Tennessee State University in 2017. Prior to coming to Marist, they were a Visiting Assistant Professor at St. Lawrence University for two years. Their research and teaching interests lie at the intersections of social and health psychology. In particular, their research focuses on the ways in which various forms of stigma impact the mental and physical health of minorities, particularly sexual and gender minorities. Their current lines of research use quantitative and qualitative data to explore: (1) queer and trans health care and social support access, (2) queer and trans individuals’ experience of public, structural, and internalized stigma and coping mechanisms that are developed, (3) queer and trans student experiences on campus, and (4) queer and trans identity development and mental health as they relate to religious and spiritual upbringing. In scholarship and teaching, Dr. Fredrick’s goal is to connect psychological concepts to the real world and to help grow understanding of how our socio-cultural environment influences our quality of life and well-being.


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