Dr. Mary Kelly

Assistant Professor of Education


Mary is an Assistant Professor of Education in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, specializing in applying an equity-oriented lens to study the intersection of teacher education and literacy. Her research, grounded in critical and post-structural theories, centers on preparing teachers to conceive of practice through anti-oppressive pedagogy. Through her scholarly interests, she has developed an active line of research focusing on the preparation of social justice teachers, considering the practices, tools, and structures necessary for such an endeavor. She also has a scholarly interest in how in-service teachers incorporate literacy practices into project-based learning classrooms, specifically in relation to technological literacy and text-based practices.  Mary began her research interests during her career as a teacher. Her experiences as an urban, suburban, and international secondary English teacher compelled her to consider how to both design and rehearse the social, cognitive, and emotional dimensions of becoming a social justice educator. At Marist, Mary is working with teacher candidates to weave literacy within their practice, and with student teachers in the field.


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