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School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Our Mission

The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences provides programs that stimulate academic engagement and inform personal and professional values in a spirit that embraces human dignity, social justice and inspires service to the community. Programs foster respect for all as we engage our students in helping people improve their lives through varied and substantial experiential learning. We instruct students in the use of research and intervention methods that are contemporary, rigorous, and evidence-based. We strive to develop life-long learners who are critical thinkers, innovators and collaborators.

The School prepares students for careers in human service through the undergraduate study of psychology, education, criminal justice and social work/sociology; these areas are further developed at the graduate level to include, counseling, education and school psychology.  These fields are united in their recognition of the importance of understanding, assessing and enhancing human behavior.

The School identifies the following goals for our students:

  1. Acquire knowledge of historical and contemporary theories and practices in each discipline.
  2. Develop the awareness of and respect for the many forms of diversity and the impact diversity has on research and practice. 
  3. Communicate effectively and responsibly with others using a variety of modalities.
  4. Demonstrate integrity and ethical behavior.
  5. Commit to life-long learning, professional development, and civic engagement.