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Student Success

At Marist, we measure student success by more than just grades or salary in a first job: we help our students fully develop their intellect, character, and skills.  That being said, our students go on to highly successful careers in a variety of professional fields, attend some of the most respected graduate schools, and are awarded some of the nation’s most prestigious fellowships.  The strong foundation students receive prepares them to take on the many challenges and opportunities that await after graduation.  At the same time – and just as importantly – a Marist education instills a firm commitment to serving others and promoting the social good.  No matter what path career path our students ultimately choose, the Marist educational experience prepares them to lead lives that are both rewarding and meaningful.  And that’s the definition of success.

Graduate Program Acceptance

Every year, our students are accepted to competitive graduate programs in psychology, social work, education, and criminal justice. Recently, this list has included Columbia University, New York University, John Jay College, SUNY Albany, Fordham University, Utah State University, Hofstra University, Manhattanville College, and many more. Graduate programs include masters’ degrees in social work, international crime, occupational therapy, special education, cognitive science, school psychology, clinical mental health counseling, and more.  Doctoral programs include those in clinical psychology, as well as law school and medical school.  Those pursuing certifications to become teachers have passing rates on a variety of initial certification tests that average about 90 percent.


Graphic of: 99% Employed or Attending Graduate School



Many of our students join the workforce immediately upon graduation.  Our elementary and secondary school teacher candidates have unusually high rates of job placements, and our unique relationship with Hawaii results in some of our teachers beginning their careers on the island.  Some of our students convert their internship experiences into jobs, such as students now working at the Child Mind Institute in New York City, or another at the Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research.  Many criminal justice students join local or state police departments.  Students use all that we offer to find their passion and their career paths, as revealed in the following quote:

I would say the best part about Marist, and the one thing that always keeps me coming back, is the faculty.  The faculty…goes above and beyond for students.  They serve as not only teachers, but also counselors. Without them, I would never have landed the internships that I did…with the U.S. Marshals and the Secret Service I fell in love with federal law enforcement, which is where I find myself today…none of this could have been possible without the help and support from the criminal justice faculty.

 - Sarah Durrant ’17, currently pursuing a MS degree in International Crime and Justice at John Jay College


Graphic of: Notable Destinations. • Arlington VA Public Schools • Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts • Child Mind Institute • Connecticut Renaissance • Fairfield, CT Elementary School • Fulbright U.S. Student Program • Manhattan District Attorney’s Office • Mount Sinai Hospital • New York City Department of Education • New York City Department of Investigation • Yellowstone National Park


Personal Growth

About 50%  percent of all Marist students study abroad.  One of our education students wrote:

I am more culturally aware as a result of my study abroad experience in Madrid, Spain.  I have been able to apply my understanding of different cultures within my own classroom.  It’s opened my eyes to students who may come from different cultures and has helped me become more culturally inclusive with lessons I write or books I add to my classroom library.

- Erica Falco ‘17

In addition, Marist has a campus in Florence, Italy, and even students who are hesitant to travel abroad feel comfortable at this site, and they consistently report that it changed their world views.