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Summer Pre-College

Earn college credit and get a taste of campus life while still in high school. The Marist Summer Pre-College program allows high school students to experience the excitement of college life at one of the top rated colleges in the country! The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences offers two unique Pre-College courses.

Criminal Justice

If you find yourself drawn to watching Law and OrderCSIBoston Legal, or other crime dramas, then you will find the Summer Pre-College Criminal Justice program to be a dynamic way to get to the truth behind these television dramas. This course will introduce you to the diverse and complex world of criminal justice. You will visit many different law enforcement agencies such as local and state police, county courts, district attorney offices, and a correctional facility. This course will introduce you to many career opportunities in criminal justice. Even more importantly this course will strengthen your participation as an informed citizen who knows her/his personal rights and her/his responsibilities to maintain a just and orderly society.


Students find the Summer Pre-College Psychology course relevant and engaging because it is the study of ourselves and those around us. This introductory psychology course will be packed with answers to fascinating questions about our actions and thoughts, all learned through scientific investigation. How do we pay attention, remember, and think about the world around us? How do we develop in our thinking and behaviors throughout our lives? In what ways are our actions influenced by the presence of others? What kinds of psychological disorders can affect us, and what are the most effective methods of treatment? To answer these questions and more, the course will cover prominent areas in psychology (e.g., neuroscience, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, and clinical psychology) by reviewing the empirical research in each subfield of study.  For their final project, students will analyze and present real data collected to answer a research question of interest.